Gilly Comm + Sweetleaf (Draft)

We worked on two projects on the March 25th, 2020 stream: a protogen commission for Protogilly and a Pokémon / Lord of the Rings crossover. We wrote about 2500 words total across both projects.

stream vod!

[{Gilly uses it/its and he/him pronouns}].

Gilly bopped its head to the music, enjoying the downtime, dancing as much as he could in Patches’ cramped quarters. It shimmied his shoulders, wriggling his arms, unwittingly knocking a spare limb off its perch. Gilly scrambled to put it back in place. He smiled at his own silliness. These things happened. No harm done. He purchased durable parts for this reason, not cosmetic. And when he could get them on sale, even better!

Finally, the scans were complete. This was a viable planet to learn from. Fantastic! Gilly set a course to land.

And thus began another voyage of Patches.

To seek out forgotten life, and to respect their civilizations. To boldly learn what the living have not yet learned before!

Mutation of the Star Trek motto.

Gilly grabbed his On-the-Go Player, grabbing its mixtape of braver, adventurous music. Violins battling flutes in a duel to the death: last instrument standing! The flutes had a strong beginning-game play, but the violins had stamina. The flutes were always messing around, never going in for the final blow, whereas the violins would lie in wait until the flutes got cocky and turned their backs on their enemy.

And then a piano would crash in, reminding Gilly that he had work to do. Potentially, new music to find too!

[{stories like this remind me that i have never been an environmental writer. oh well, just make up something! no one will know if i don’t tell them! i definitely know exactly where i’m headed. Gilly’s gotta find some tech and tunes. make up anything, we’ll clean it up later!}]

What Gilly found was a town, or maybe a city… It didn’t know what qualified as a largely-populated area for this planet. There were fabrics in faded colors, mostly cool colors such as purples and greens and blues—although there was the old pink here and there. The fabrics were thick, hanging over stalls of now-rotten produce: the crates they sat in frothing with fruity ooze. Gilly scanned it for posterity. The diet of a people said a lot about their culture! If they hadn’t fully decomposed, that meant the people had either gone extinct recently, or something about these foods disrupted the typical decomposition process.

Sometimes, Gilly wondered how he’d navigate a mission where he encountered a people he sought to learn from… Living people were a lot harder to deal with than dead people. They presented variables rather than constants.

Gilly found a three-eyed, tentacled doll. It wore a green, hooded dress and had mismatched blue-and-black button eyes. The black button was a heart while the blue one was a more typical four-holed, circular one.

Gilly paused to decide what to do with the doll. It was dusty and damp, having obviously been on the ground and out in the elements for a while. This sort of thing would never have been treasured at Treasure Corp. Should it take the doll with him? Somebody treasured it. Was it only the tech and music and knowledge that could tell the stories of a world? Or was there a story to be told in the toys as well? Space was at a premium aboard Patches. It was easier to carry data than dolls…

One doll couldn’t hurt, Gilly supposed.

[{what the fuck did i call the salvage company again? my instincts were correct! this is going so much better than the other day’s stream holy shit! after this Nuig, we’ll play at least one round of Bad Writer.

seriously, this is going so much better than the other day. i guess that makes sense since before The Great Depression, I did most of my streaming at night… 53 more words to go, then we game!}]

[{I also wanna play Die in the Dungeon too if I’m being honest. They did some updates and it’s even cooler now!}]

It may not be a super suspenseful or a super exciting story, but surely, this doll held some secrets of its own.

[{That, everybody, is another 850 words~.}]

Gilly kept searching the city, scanning the composition of the buildings. It encountered fountains with water that smelled of sulfur and statues of what seemed like warrior-poets. One was wrapped up inside a serpent, doing battle not with a blade, but with its tongue. Gilly photographed that one from as many angles as he could.

[{315 words in 36 minutes. we can do this! oh boy, what is the stream doc gonna look like?}]

The intrepid protogen soon came upon a bench. It was stony and covered in moss—hopefully, it was moss and not mold; Gilly scanned it just in case. He’d hate to lose another arm that way. He quite liked his current arms, mismatched though they were. They moved smoothly, that was all he needed. Function over fashion, especially when one was all alone out in space—or on other planets, as the case may be.

Next Page (Pokémon / Lord of the Rings crossover).


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