Reading Where Decay Sleeps Part 1


“The teeth are tombstones” ooh I love this line!

The imagery strikes and strikes again! Rapid-fire!

Scars of skin in stitches,
stretched over gathered bones.

awesome opener, Anna Cheung!
Also, congratulations to me for learning that
quote blocks can be centered!
Fuck yeah!

Corpses Bloom

“darkness / rumbled with earthworms” ooh I love this line!

“Fingers crawled upwards,
curling like trees, decayed
and leafless under the moon.

fuck yeah! Another awesome passage! 100 points for Anna Chueng!

Ghost Brides

ooh, I love this title! shudder-inducing!

“our ashtray mouths full of dirt.” love this line!

“we dug on and on / under the cold blade of moonlight.” love this passage too!


I really connected to this piece as a metaphor for trying to get my story exactly right. There’s the more obvious metaphors of a stillborn baby or parental favoritism, but being a perfectionist asshole is where I’m at now. Even when you have a clear goal in mind as a writer, projects don’t always turn out how you wanted.

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