Reading Where Decay Sleeps Part 1

In Utero

Fair warning, I dive-bombed into talking about bad parenting and sexual assault in this section. Because of course, I did. Hopefully, the other sections will go better. (Indeed, they went better). Not that bad parenting and sexual assault aren’t important things to talk about, but I would love to stop being so obsessed with the greatest crimes known to mankind.

“A queer heart” hehehe!

Ooh, it’s organized by trimesters. That’s clever!

I love the 2nd section best for its especially haunting thoughts. There’s a thousand and one things you need to not do (especially eat) while you’re pregnant. And then, when the baby arrives, there’s endless ways you can traumatize your child for life. What’s important is to do your best. And don’t get all your parenting skills from a 400-year-old book, as well as books and religious authorities that refuse to uncritically examine the mistakes in that 400-year-old book.

I appreciate the mixed feelings the voice has about the baby. Babies are overly glorified. Especially newborn babies. They look like yolk-covered rats! Beyond that, newborns cannot be cast as newborns in Hollywood productions due them being vulnerable to diseases and all the stimuli that entails in those productions (lights, camera, action). And that’s just talking about the baby! The pregnant person could easily die giving birth to that baby. Don’t shy away from sex ed is what I’m saying, folks. Real sex ed, not “abstain! abstain! abstain!” Abstinence is for voting, not biology, bitches. We have technology! Or in this case, medicine and medical devices (insomuch as a condom counts as a medical device). And also teach your kids about consent, not just for sex, but for all physical affection. If their families feel pushy and entitled to do whatever they want, how’s that any different from predators who’ll also take whatever they want? And don’t just teach the kids you consider girls, teach the kids you consider boys, too!

This poem’s also divided in half. The first time I read it, I read it horizontally like a normal person would read it. And then, since the thought came to me, I decided to read them vertically as if it’s a multi-chapter poem. In this reading, I read all the text on the left side first (which has the majority of the text), and then all the text on the right side second. In this reading, I also elected to ignore the text in the center since there wasn’t much of it. By and large, the content remained unaffected by this change, but this poem was definitely intended to be read horizontally.

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