Forgotten History

Norawarth: Internet social etiquette is also rather complicated, if you think about it. You have to remind your people, who fought a war over fiefdoms’ rights to own slaves instead of abolishing it like their king commanded them to do, that slavery is evil?

Harnor: The internet’s not just America, but yes.

Norawarth: And that our world “is not an idyllic fairyland. There [is] war around every corner“?

Harnor: We don’t even learn from our own history! Why would we learn from yours? The only part of your world we ever hear about is what’s essentially the last hurrah. I’m an actual freakin’ writer and even I don’t care for the Simarillion! That shit’s even denser and flowerier than the Holy Quadrilogy. I’m not wasting money on that thing!

Norawarth: So how then did you come by your information on the Kin-Slayers?

Harnor: All I did was look up everybody’s wiki and TV Tropes pages. They’re the short-hard versions. Wikipedia is the library, in which things need to be directly connected, or else it won’t be mentioned. TV tropes sorts out books and even entire series via literary devices.

Norawarth: There truly is a wealth of information at your disposal… What you used this information for is to remind your people that as a fiery spirit amongst a family of fiery spirits, Caranthir “likely would [have] unleashed his anger issues on unintended targets.”

Harnor: The Kin-Slayings might be Elvenkind’s first sin, but like I said, nobody reads the book they’re talked about in. Some people like impenetrably poetic, metaphorical language, I don’t. I dabble in poetry, but I prefer prose.

Norawarth: So ultimately, You mean to say that Fëanor, his deeds, and his blood relations are all but unknown to your people?

Calemir: Yep!

Norawarth: And also that your people work with Simarils as children?

Calemir: Some parts of America―and beyond―have more access to Simarils than others, but yes!

Norawarth: I do not think you need to fear Caranthir. As you stated in Warfare, “assuming he was [not] a complete monster (which [you did] because somehow, he convinced someone to marry him), he would’ve taken care of them afterwards. Not everyone with mental health issues takes it out on their loved ones, but [typically-minded] people need to understand that when your [mind type] is [not] supported very well by the society and / or family you grow up in, of course there [are] going to be consequences. You should [not] need to be a genius to figure that out, you just need thoughts in your head! Besides, even [typically-minded] people abuse their loved ones. Do [not] act so high and mighty! Not all evils are caused by dark spirits, demons, and devils. Sometimes, hell is the home is you [are] raised in, and the education you [are] tortured into accepting.” And not only that, you gave him twins! Not just anybody has twins, you know.

Harnor: They’re not real twins…

Solnishko: Who cares!? You gave him a family!

Norawarth: All you did for Maglor was give his wife a name, and he is the Son of Fëanor you feel most akin to, aside from Maedhros, who has no wife to name. You gave Curufin and Caranthir stories, stories where they put their fiery spirits to good use; and later in Caranthir’s case, became tempered by a more sustainable flame: the warmth of love.

Solnishko: And lots of sex!

Norawarth, snickering: Indeed.

Solnishko: Who cares if it wasn’t how it happened? It’s more than what Tolkien wrote!

Norawarth: And most importantly, you are potentially getting all of them out of the Halls of Mandos! As you said, Maglor, as a minstrel, “can weave his own words about his wifey”―once he sees her again, in Valinor!

Solnishko: If he can’t, that’s not a man or a husband or a minstrel, that’s just some random guy named Maglor!!!

Calemir: That’s right, he is!

John Oliver talks about the effects of hero-worshiping those who fought to keep chattel slavery legal.

“And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the ring passed out of all knowledge.”

Lady Galadriel, The Fellowship of the Ring, J.R.R. Tolkien.
John Oliver talks about Critical Race Theory. Not all history is forgotten. Some histories are intentionally erased from the narrative.

[Pixxy Fire Fist]:
Put our sins back in the narrative!
And stop wasting time on tears!
You’ll live another fifty years!

[Shadow of Chaos]:
What would the real angels do
If they only had more time?
Instead of being trapped inside Hells
They did nothing to deserve?

Pixxy is the devil who gets
Children out of Hell.
I am the demon who stays
With them, when they cannot
Escape on their own.
Some children never do.
Not in life, anyway.

[Commander Riley]:
Sometimes, all you can do in battle is escape.
Are you giving people more battles to fight or less?
What may not be a big deal to you
May be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
And ultimately, people are more precious than camels.

Sometimes, hell is the home you grow up in,
and the education you’re forced into accepting.

“I’m an adult! I don’t need baby books!” you cry. Yes, you do! And just as importantly, so do Black kids, and other marginalized children. All of us need more stories where Black kids can be Black and kids and Black kids―and also stories where Black people are heroes, and stories that correct the lies we’ve told ourselves and our children across thousands of generations. And also just as importantly, we need to buy them from Black-owned businesses. Return the wealth WASPs and other anti-Black people stole and continue to steal (sorry not sorry to AAPIs, this is just the first video I found. Here’s the second video I found. Anti-Blackness is everywhere). Here’s Bedtime Bonnet. If you find a way to hate it, you’re an asshole!

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