Size Matters Quite a Lot

Shadowron Icy Eyes: The reason Christian God the Father and Jesus call everybody children is because they’re gods! Of course they consider everybody children! Humans have actual, physical ages and other limitations; and thus, should be able to recognize when they need to shut up and listen to the experts! Not just religious experts, all experts! If your kid’s wiser than you, swallow your pride, and listen to your kid!

Beowulf: When you meet your maker, will you be able to say, unflinchingly, that you are a good and faithful servant? When you make houseless people wait until you preach at them to give them food?

Wolfgang: Or call masculine girls “ugly”, kick boys out of the family for wearing a dress, or lie to trans and nonbinary people that pursuing a body that they can live in will “ruin the temple God made them”!?

Pixxy Fire Fist: Do you hound diabetics for needing insulin? Or heart attack victims for needing heart surgery? Or poor-sighted people for wearing glasses? Medicine’s medicine! You might need not certain types of healing, but other people do! Some temples are built poorly! How do you even know Christian God the Father made that body?!

Shadowron Icy Eyes: At the end of the day, your faith is merely a belief. Maybe your god isn’t real at all. Or maybe he’s not playing by the rules you hope he’s following. Some of you believe that simply saying the sinner’s prayer sincerely is all you need to get to Christian Heaven. Some of you believe that it takes more than that. Will you sit on the laurels of your betters and your beliefs, or will you show people what you should be showing them: the god who loved even you idiots so much that he sent his only son to die for your sins, too. After being tortured for days on end and paraded through the streets! Would you be willing to die for the sins of this world? Or would you, too, cast your “unruly”, “unbelieving” children into the fires of Hell?

Wolfgang: Or be such a coward you send your kids or other people’s kids to die for those sins instead?

Beowulf: I may care about being honorable, but I would never make Wolfgang do this!

Wolfgang: That’s right, you wouldn’t, Dad!

Pixxy Fire Fist: I have a spell called Thief! I use it to steal the souls of people who don’t deserve an eternity of suffering for whatever cosmically insignificant reason you think they do! I also have a spell called Fire Blast! I use it to burn the names of people out of the Book of Life. All your devil does is rule Hell; this devil gets people out! Or sends the real sinners there, whichever one needs most doing.

Shadowron Icy Eyes: Some people already have a life of ease and plenty on Earth, yet do nothing to lift people out of suffering while they’re here. Why should the former have another life of luxury? What will happen to your money once you’re gone? Will it sit uselessly in a bank, accumulating wealth you and your descendants don’t need? Can you claim, unflinchingly, to a single Black mother working all seven days of the week to keep her children fed, that you earned your mansions, in this world or the next? Her ancestors fought and died for the freedoms they have! Her ancestors’ children were fed to alligators, made into sideshow attractions, and other horrors before that. And on top of this, people claim that we shouldn’t make any reparations for any these things. How is that even a discussion!?! Why is she living in a rundown apartment whereas you are sitting pretty? Can you excuse your apathy and greed to her children, too? What honor do you or your family have? Are you committing the same sins your ancestors did?

We’re Marley and Marley,
Averious and greed.
We took advantage of the poor.
Just ignored the needy.
We specialized in causing pain,
Spreading fear and doubt.
And if you could not pay the rent,
We simply threw you out!

Paul Williams, Marley and Marley.

Wolfgang: Oh yeah, cuz making even more people live in the streets is a great way to combat a disease that’s killed almost 6 million people―and spreads like wildfire!

Doomed, Scrooge!
You’re doomed for all time!

Your future is a horror story
Written by your crime!
Your chains are forged.
By what you say and do.

So, have your fun!
When life is done,
A nightmare waits for you!

Paul Williams, Marley and Marley.

Pixxy Fire Fist: There’s a spell called Nightmare, too. You all need to be renamed Daluchi (Igbo, Thank God)! You all need to thank whatever god(s) you got that he didn’t give me that spell! If you serve a risen Savior, prove it! What evidence does he have that you have actually learned from his spirit, instead of picking and choosing whichever teachings let you look down on everybody else?

Beowulf: For those of you who have no ancestors to learn from (or like our creator, only have a vague suggestion of who your ancestors are), at least learn from the stories and history you have.

I put myself back in the narrative.
I stop wasting time on tears.
I live another 50 years.
It’s not enough. (Eliza)…

I interview every soldier who fought by your side.
(She tells our story).
I try to make sense of your thousands of pages of writings.
You really do write like you’re running out of time.

I rely on Angelica.
While she’s alive, we tell your story.
She is buried in Trinity Church near you.
When I needed her most, she was right on time.
And I’m still not through!
I ask myself, what would you do if you had more time.
The Lord, in his kindness,
He gives me what you always wanted.
He gives me more time.

I raise funds in D.C. for the Washington Monument.
(She tells my story).
I speak out against slavery!
You could have done so much more if you only had time.
And when my time is up, have I done enough?
Will they tell your story?

Oh, can I show you what I’m proudest of?
(The orphanage).
I established the first private orphanage in New York City.
(The orphanage).
I help to raise hundreds of children.
I get to see them growing up.
(The orphanage).
In their eyes I see you, Alexander!
I see you every time.
And when my time is up,
Have I done enough?
Will they tell your story?

Lin-manuel Miranda, Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.

Wolfgang: Our guy cries every time he hears that song. Which children are most often made orphans? Which children most often age out of the system and get tossed to the wolves? You shouldn’t need to be a god to figure it out, you just need thoughts in your head!

Pixxy Fire Fist: My Tears may be Fake, but his aren’t!

Trevor Noah explaining Race in America.

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