Size Matters Quite a Lot

Piko: Joke’s on Alabama’s leaders! Alabama’s got one of the highest rates of poverty in America.

Wolfgang: Maybe if they focused on something other than “family values”, they’d be able to lift their people by the bootstraps they stripped their own people down to!

Pixxy: In other words, those families would understand how valuable they are. As people! Not as voters or soldiers in a war that nobody gives a damn about! Worry about your own souls before you worry about others’. Get the stick out of your ass and the beam out of your eye before you point your money-grubbing fingers at others! And let your kids play with Pokémon, Dungeons and Dragons, new music styles, trans people, and Satanists―and whatever else you’re morally panicking about! We’re all here to stay, idiots! None of us are going to cause your kids to leave your oh-so-precious churches! You will! They will see your how poorly you’re following your alleged savior’s footsteps. Jesus hung out with women, sex workers, disabled people, and other “undesirables”―and he knew how to respect them! Why don’t you?! If Jesus was on Earth again, he wouldn’t be condemning them, he’d be helping them! He’d be condemning you!

Mama Odie:
Don’t matter what you look like.
Don’t matter what you wear.
How many rings you got on your finger.
We don’t care!

(No we don’t care)!

Mama Odie:
Don’t matter where you come from.
Don’t even matter what you are.
A dog, a pig, a cow, a goat
Had em’ all in here.

(We had em’ all in here)!

Mama Odie:
And they all knew what they wanted,
What they wanted me to do.
I told them what they needed.
Just like I be telling you.

You gotta dig a little deeper.
Find out who you are.
You gotta dig a little deeper!
It really ain’t that far!

When you found out who you are,
You find out what you need.
Blue skies and sunshine

Randy Newman, Dig a Little Deeper. Here is a calmer cover Sierra Nelson did for Kwanzaa! I appreciate both versions, but sometimes I need gentler songs―although I’d say Sierra Nelson’s is still festive and exciting)! That’s just how my brain works~.

Wolfgang: That’s right, Christians, Disney characters understand how to give a damn about your fellow man better than you do.

Pixxy Fire Fist: And if any Christian even dares say, “We’re not all like this!” Then why you aren’t speaking out against the Christians who are!? Use your time in this world wisely! Besides, who would those types of Christians listen to more: a queer disabled atheist or you?

God help the outcasts
Hungry from birth.
Show them the mercy
They don’t find on earth.
God help my people
We look to You, still.
God help the outcasts
Or nobody will.

I ask for wealth.
I ask for fame.
I ask for glory to shine on my name.
I ask for love I can possess.
I ask for God and His angels to bless me.

I ask for nothing.
I can get by.
But I know so many
Less lucky than I.
Please help my people:
The poor and downtrod.
I thought we all were
The children of God.

Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz, God Help the Outcasts. Here is a cover by Annapantsu. While she, too, sings “I shouldn’t speak to you”, in my opinion, the way she inflects it implies that she knows she has every right to speak to the God who is letting his kids run rampant―to the point where they are hunting her people as if they were animals! Christian God the Father is completely irresponsible!!! Would any of you let your kids have free reign to do absolutely anything they want? Free will should have limitations. The sins of the children are not necessarily the sins of the parents, but Christian God the Father is one of the worst parents ever! He’s so stupidly omnipotent and omniscient that he can’t even make dysphoric people bodies they can live in, never mind families. Fuck giving any random irresponsible brat free will! Free will’s garbage!

Beowulf: Your devil doesn’t have to prowl the Earth anymore. The best people leading people away from Christian God the Father, besides the hypocrites, are people just like you: Christians who are ignoring the evils inside their own communities, and the atrocities Christians have committed and continue to commit in the name of that God you worship for whatever reason. There’s more than one way to kill a god. The god you need to kill is your own childish hero-worshiping of your fellow Christians. Christians don’t have the lion’s share of morality! Christians enslaved multiple groups of people because they considered it a divine right and duty to not only enslave people for having “the wrong culture”, but to erase those cultures.

Wolfgang: Before anybody says, “I’m not a Catholic!” Guess how many types of Christianity there were to pick from back then? Stop crying “no real Christian” and own the problems your religious ancestors started!

Beowulf: Frankly, with the way society’s been set up in the name of White Christianity, to the exclusion of everybody else, I’d say there is more morality to be found in the Grinch than any of you! The Grinch underwent character development, will you?

Wolfgang: I don’t think it’s possible at this point. You don’t need to adapt to survive. Your survival’s all but guaranteed. Your status quo is the status quo. Besides, you idiots broke this world, why should anyone trust you to fix it?

Trevor Noah talks about teaching what we wish happened vs what actually happened, regarding race and racism in America.

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