Advanced Genders 103

Kenken: Believe it or not, Chu, there is yet another way we can use Lady Galadriel to explain advanced genders! As stated in the last lesson, her mother named her “Nerwen”. Do you remember what that means?

Chu: It means “man-maiden”!

Kenken: That’s right, it means man-maiden. Well done, Chu! Now, in a world where everything is pretty binary, men sire children, and women give birth to children. In a galaxy far, far away; that’s not necessarily true. Mandalorians, whom we took inspiration for our Calemir’ade philosophy, have a word for male and female―”jagyc” and “dalyc”―but not a word for man and woman. Cui ogir’olar! It’s irrelevant―especially in battle, which is what Mandolorians love to do! They love it a little too much, but every culture has its problems. So, Chu, what do you suppose would be the difference between “jagyc” and “dalyc”, and “man” and “woman”?

Chu: I don’t know.

Kenken: That’s okay. It’s okay to not know everything. There are lots of things to know. When you don’t know something, you need to ask for help. Who do you suppose we should ask for help?

Chu: Can we ask Commander Riley? Or is he resting?

Kenken: I think we can call him in for this. Let’s go on a field trip across the hall! …Hey, Commander, do mind if we bother you for a moment?

Commander Riley: Gimme a second! Let me get decent! …Alright, Kenken, what are we learning today?

Kenken: We’re learning the difference between “jagyc” and “dalyc”, and “man” and “woman”. Chu’s doing great! But we’re calling you in for backup. Why do you suppose we should use different words for these concepts?

Commander Riley: Because some men carry babes, and some women carry guns.

Kenken: And for Ardan Elves, who don’t have guns?

Commander Riley: Some women wield swords, some men wield scabbards. And some people wield both!

Kenken: Thank you for your help! Please continue resting, Commander.

Chu: Thank you, Commander Riley!

Commander Riley: Anything for you, kid. You’re doing great, Kenken! Can’t wait to get back in action! Pixxy, Lucky, and Lockdown are gonna burn something any moment now.

Kenken: Or maybe, those balrogs are trying extra hard to behave themselves for you, so that you don’t have even more chaos to come back to.

Commander Riley: A man can only dream!

Kenken: Shadowron Icy Eyes was her original guide wolf, Pixxy Fire Fist will listen to him―and Pixxy will bully everybody else into listening to him! Everyone will be just fine. Focus on yourself, Commander. You’re on medically mandated rest for a reason.

Commander Riley: I know! I’m trying my best! I swear.

Kenken: And you’re doing great! Recovery’s not easy. Especially for someone like you. You like helping people. You like helping people too much. You were so focused on helping people that you weren’t really listening to your body, were you?

Commander Riley: No…

Kenken: Wanting to be helpful is a good thing! But you need balance! Before you help others, you need to help yourself first. Again, thank you for your help. Now go back to sleep.

Commander Riley: Fine… There is absolutely nothing to do.

Kenken: Nothing to do but sleep.

Commander Riley: Sleeping is boring!

Kenken: Well, too bad, it’s what you need to do. Pokémon can recover overnight, but people can’t.

Commander Riley: I know that! It’s just… You’re right, I need to go back to sleep.

Kenken: Well, done, Commander! Alright, Chu, let’s go back to our room… So, Chu, now that we’ve established the reason why we’re separating “jagyc” and “dalyc”, and “man” and “woman”, why do you suppose we’re dragging Lady Galadriel into yet another lesson on advanced genders?

Chu: Because her mom named her “Nerwen”, that means “man-maiden”.

Kenken: That’s right! And you’ve just learned that some people carry unexpected equipment.

Chu: Like how Lucky and Lockdown carry the Dragon Gun?

Kenken: Ah, no. Well, yes. Okay, never mind. As Commander Riley put it, some people carry both swords and scabbards. Some people who carry swords also carry round breasts, and some people who carry scabbards carry flat breasts―breasts more typical of binary, cis men. When we talk about a binary, cis man’s breasts, we generally call them “pecs” instead―at least in a galaxy far, far away. Although, Ardan Elves generally call them breasts too!

Chu: Wow!

Kenken: I know, right! Anatomically speaking, they’re the same thing. Binary, cis men’s breasts can even be stimulated into producing milk just like a binary cis woman’s―under the right conditions. Everybody’s body is different. And people whose bodies are vastly different than what is expected of cis, binary human (or otherwise) biology are called “intersex”. The opposite of this would be “perisex”: when someone’s biology is what’s expected from a cis, binary human (or otherwise). Now, there’s more to biology than what equipment you’re carrying. There’s also hormones, chromosomes, vitamins, and minerals―but Ardan Elves don’t have a way to measure these things, so we don’t need to get into these things for them. As previously stated, this is a series of lessons on the bare basics of advanced genders. Anyone from a galaxy far, far away―or otherwise―likely has the education and resources to learn more on their own.

Chu: Okay!

Kenken: Now, Chu, when we’re talking about someone’s anatomy, we call it their “sex”. When we’re talking about someone’s identity, we call it their “gender”. The reason we’re calling this series “Advanced Genders” as opposed to “Advanced Sexes” is because we’re more interested in identities as opposed to anatomies. But since intersex people are often left out of the conversation, we’re bringing them into ours! It’s always good to be as inclusive as you can.

Chu: That’s right!

Kenken: “Nothing in life is binary, including sex and gender roles,” ― Shiver of Chaos.

Chu: Who’s that?

Kenken: Shiver’s one of Shadow’s siblings. We can’t bring him to Middle-Earth because he’s in a Vine Hand Bind with the Redanian Lord of the Hunt at the moment. But he’ll get outta there eventually. He’s quite a rascal!

{ Chu giggles. }

Kenken: Now, Chu, some people grow up in households and cultures with very rigid rules for what a man or a woman is supposed to do―in addition to limiting “man” and “woman” to “jagyc” or “dalyc”.

Chu: That sounds really sad…

Kenken: That’s right, that’s really sad. But even if you grow up in a bad family, you can still turn out great! And likewise, even if you grow up in a good family, you can still become a bully. “The tree that doesn’t bend, breaks” ― Sun Tzu. The problem is, some trees bend to just any breeze. And some people are more like leaves in the wind. Now, Chu, the real reason Lady Galadriel’s mother named her “Nerwen” is because Lady Galadriel loves hunting and sports, and she’s as tall as a binary, cis man. You know what Lady Galadriel loves hunting most?

Chu: No. What?

Kenken: Morgoth, the Dark Lord of Middle-Earth! And as the resident Dark Lord hunter around here, she will definitely be able to tell the difference between any single one of us and the actual Dark Lord.

Chu: Why are we worried about Lady Galadriel? Isn’t she the best Ardan Elf mom ever?

Kenken: Well, Chu, the reason we’re worried is because you’re not really supposed to be playing with monsters and magic in Middle-Earth. Middle-Earth monsters aren’t friendly at all. Those are Pokémon with Pokémon trainers. They will not be joining our rescue team.

Chu: Okay…

Kenken: I know it’s really sad, but if you want to come along, you need to remember that not everybody is suited for every adventure.

Chu: I know that!

Kenken: I know you do, but it’s always good to have reminders. Now, Chu, to conclude this lesson, the reason we’re using “jagyc” and “dalyc” instead of “male” and “female” is because some people―including women!―reduce womanhood “the ability to bear children”. They even call women “females”! That’s an immature thing to do, don’t you think?

Chu: Wow! Those people are weird.

Kenken: That’s right they’re weird! There’s good types and bad types of weird. Some people aren’t good at choosing between which is which. Reducing womanhood and women to “the capability of bearing children” causes grief to a lot of people, including but not limited to: people who don’t want to be capable of bearing children, people who can’t bear children yet want to, people who were once capable of bearing children yet can’t anymore, people who want and can bear children but know they can’t care for them, and people who were pressured into or otherwise forced into bearing children. People who cry “female!” aren’t thinking about the words they use and how it affects other people. Lady Galadriel would be absolutely furious at how these people are conducting themselves. There are times when you can’t mince words, but everybody ought to think about what message they’re sending, and why they’re sending it.

Chu: That’s right, they should! Nobody on Team Meanies would do those things!

Kenken: That’s right, they wouldn’t! A trio of once world domination-obsessed Pokémon are more mature than people who cry “female”. Imagine that! Being less mature than three animals.

Shadow of Chaos: There’s an even simpler way to explain alternate anatomies to the Ardan Elves. Some people are like trees. Trees can both contribute seeds and can be pollinated.

Kenken: You’re right, Shadow, that’s a simpler way to put it. Thank you!

Shadow of Chaos: You’re welcome! I know how you like to elaborate on things. Other people don’t always appreciate your style of teaching, but I appreciate it very much―and I’m sure the Ardan Elves will appreciate it too.

Pixxy Fire Fist: There’s an even simpler way to explain alternate anatomies to Ardan Elves. There’s a Pokémon called Mr. Mime. There are “jagyc” and “dalyc” Mr. Mimes! Pokémon are freakin’ weird!

Shadow of Chaos: That’s right they are! Another weird thing about Pokémon: whoever bears the child determines the species of the child! And they all lay eggs! Even mammalian Pokémon like Vulpixes and Poochyenas.

Pixxy Fire Fist: Ardan Elves aren’t gonna know what “mammalian” means!

Kenken: Why don’t we try to explaining it to them? Ardan Elves love learning things. Mammals are animals that are warm-blooded, generally give birth to live young―although there are exceptions―have fur or hair, nourish young via milk, and have a spine.

Shadow of Chaos: Great work, Kenken!

Pixxy Fire Fist: Yeah, Kenken, that was fantastic! You actually got to the point!

Shadowron Icy Eyes: Alright, kids, get back to class!

Pixxy Fire Fist: I still need a drink of water!

Shadowron Icy Eyes: Very well. Get your water. And try not to forget your water bottle next time. Just because you’re a Fire-type Pokémon doesn’t mean you don’t need to hydrate!

Pixxy Fire Fist: I know that!

{ Pixxy Fire Fist darts off to get some water. }

Shadowron Icy Eyes: I can’t wait until Beowulf gets here!

Shadow of Chaos: I called in Wolfgang, too. We need all the backup we can get.

Shadowron Icy Eyes: That’s right, we do!

Cui ogir’olar = it’s irrelevant. Mando’a phrase.

Dalyc = female. Mando’a term.

Jagyc = male. Mando’a term.

Intersex = when someone’s body does not fit neatly into binary biological expectations. Intersex people are not weird, that’s just how they’re built! Everybody’s body is different. Some people like how extraordinary or ordinary their body is, some people don’t. And some people’s bodies weren’t built properly for them at all―even though someone else would really love that body. What features you praise perisex binary cis women for, and what features you praise perisex binary cis men for? Think about how people who do not have those features feel, or people who do have those features but don’t want them feel. Everybody has different preferences, but a person is more than just their body.

Perisex = when someone’s body is what’s expected of binary biological expectations.

These definitions are intended to be as simple as possible, for the binary babes. If you have a more advanced understanding of these terms, wonderful! This series is intended for people who have never heard these words before. Or have ever considered that there are more than two genders or sexes, or that you are allowed to be something other than your assigned gender. I have linked relevant wiki pages for such people to read if they’d like to learn more. Feel free to link / share your own thoughts on nonbinary genders; whether it’s in the form of a tweet, a tumblr post, an essay, a youtube video, or whatever else. Let’s all work together to get the binary babes a better education!


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