Advanced Genders 102

Kenken: Believe it or not, Chu, Ardan Elves already do sort of understand advanced genders already―or at least advanced relationships to gender. Lady Galadriel, if you or any member of your household is reading this, we do sincerely apologize. Alright, Pixxy, hit it!

Pixxy Fire Fist: Lady Galadriel’s mom named her Nerwen! That means “man-maiden”! Does that mean she’s a maiden and a man? That’s something to celebrate! Let’s go celebrate Lady Galadriel’s advanced gender!

Kenken: We know that’s not what that means, but we’re using an example that Ardan Elves already understand. Who knows? Maybe Lady Galadriel will be honored she’s being used in this essay. Now, Pixxy, you’re a “man-maiden” too, aren’t you?

Pixxy Fire Fist: That’s right, I am! I’m a tomboy! That’s what you’d call a man-maiden-child―or whatever!

Kenken: Exactly! Now, Pixxy, you’ve been studying advanced genders for years. Are you still a girl?

Pixxy Fire Fist: Oh, yeah, absolutely! I love my nonbinary pals! They’re fantastic! The nonbinary pal I love most is me! I’m foxgender!

Chu: What does “foxgender” mean?

Pixxy Fire Fist: I’m a fox, that influences my gender! Of course I don’t care for stupid people rules. I’m an animal! Everybody thinks transgender people and nonbinary people are “killing off the girls” or whatever. Those people are idiots! Girls aren’t as easily influenced as those people think. Lady Galadriel would think these people are absolutely ridiculous! I’m also firegender, psychicgender, thiefgender, and flamethrowergender!!! I have a spell called Thief; I use it to steal people’s genders! And then I give them to people who actually want them.

Chu: Why are you calling it a spell instead of a move?

Kenken: That just translates better for Ardan Elves. There’s quite a lot to translate just going from Pokémon to Ardan Elves. Thank you for your help, Pixxy!

Pixxy Fire Fist: If Lady Galadriel’s involved, I’m on it like a bonnet! Peace out!

{ Pixxy Fire Fist goes back to making mischief, or busying her body, or burning things. Who knows? Unfortunately, life is full of uncertainties. }

Kenken: So Chu, all of those genders that Pixxy just declared are xenogenders. Xenogenders are genders that are not defined by how they relate to “man” and “woman”, but by how they relate to other concepts―in her case: foxes, thieves, fire, and psychics.

Chu: Oh wow! That sounds super cool! Pixxy’s really creative!

Kenken: That, she is! Now, you can still be a xenogender and a binary gender, or a more basic nonbinary gender, such as agender and neutrois, which we’ve explained previously.

Chu: Nice!

Kenken: You know what else is nice?

Chu: What?

Kenken: Having a word for all these concepts! Including the concept of having multiple genders: multigender!

Chu: Wow! there’s a word for everything!

Kenken: That’s right! And this is without pulling in words from other languages, such as Mando’a.

Chu: What’s Mando’a?

Kenken: Mando’a is the language of Mandalorians. They’re a warrior people in a galaxy far, far away! We’ll get into them more later. We’re learning quite a lot today already!

Chu: Yeah, you’re right. But learning things is fun!

Kenken: I’m glad to hear that! I can’t wait to teach you even more things! For now, Chu, are there any genders you’d like to declare?

Chu: No thank you, I’m good just being a boy.

Kenken: And that’s okay! Some people like their assigned gender. We call those people “cisgender”. “Cis” is derived from Latin, meaning “on this side of”. Now, if Lady Galadriel actually was both a man and a woman, one word for that would be “bigender”, as in “two genders”.

Chu: Wow! That’s awesome!

Shadow of Chaos: There’s an even simpler way to explain what “transgender” and “nonbinary” are to Ardan Elves. Some Elves hear the calling of the sea, some people hear the calling of other genders―even if they’re silly genders like flamethrowergender! I’m moonlightgender now!

Kenken: That’s right, Shadow, that’s a simpler way to put it for the Ardan Elves. Thank you.

Shadow of Chaos: You’re welcome! It’s not easy being succinct.

Kenken: No, no it’s not.

Shadow of Chaos: But that’s okay, that’s what I’m here for. I’m here to give you back up.

Kenken: Thank you, Shadow! Back up received! And congratulations on coming out as moonlightgender!

Shadow of Chaos: Thank you! I love moonlight, it’s prettier than sunlight.

Kenken: Agreed! Are there any new pronouns that come with your new gender?

Shadow of Chaos: Oh no, I’m sticking with he/him.

Kenken: Understood. Hey, aren’t you supposed to be in the multi-student class?

Shadow of Chaos: Well, yes, but Commander Riley lets me take a walk when I get overwhelmed. It’s pretty noisy with Pixxy Fire Fist and Lucky and Lockdown. And now, Toshiro and Tadashi are here too.

Kenken: Oh, I understand that perfectly! I hope they calm down. And I hope you feel less overwhelmed soon.

Shadow of Chaos: I hope so too. It’s absolute chaos in there sometimes!

Chu: Sometimes, I can hear them too.

Kenken: Mm-hmm. Hopefully, once Beowulf gets here, things’ll settle down. Commander Riley, as much as I love him, cannot corral everybody on his own. He needs some backup! So, Shadow, are there any other thoughts on nonbinary power you’d like to share?

Shadow of Chaos: Being nonbinary is fun! It’s not very well appreciated by binary, cis people. Sometimes, even binary, trans people don’t appreciate nonbinary people either, even when they also identify as trans.

Chu: It’s too bad other people don’t like nonbinary people. Different types of Pokémon get along great! Why can’t different types of people get along too?

Kenken: Well, Chu, some people just don’t want to play nice. They’d rather Play Rough with anyone who isn’t like them.

Chu: That sounds really sad. If the Red Rebels only had Electric-type Pokémon, we’d be really weak to Ground-type attacks.

Kenken: That’s right, we would!

Shadow of Chaos: Unfortunately, Chu, some people like starting cat fights. The aggressors need to have some perspective. The Ardan Elves would think we’re all a bunch of weirdos! People who experience advanced genders ought to at least unite for each other, if nothing else. Whether we’re talking about literal warfare, cultural warfare, or warfare against a virus; we need to stand united, or else we’ll fall divided.

Cisgender = feeling comfortable with one’s assigned gender. Often shortened to “cis”.

Bigender = two genders.

Multigender = multiple genders.

Transgender = desiring a gender either besides or in addition to one’s assigned gender. Often shortened to “trans”. Every trans person feels differently about their assigned gender. Many trans people are traumatized by how they are forced to play a part for a large part of their lifetime. Additionally, with society’s heavy preference for cisgender people, some trans people perform ultra masculinity or ultra femininity in order to be gendered correctly. Some trans people even detransition because the pressure to fit in is so great. Society barely respects masculine cis women and feminine cis men, why should trans people reveal themselves? Think about how you treat people with alternate views on genders, whether they’re cis, trans, nonbinary, or otherwise. Femininity and masculinity are cultural values too. Here is a Daily Show / Trevor Noah video time-coded to a point that touches on this topic, although watching the video in full is highly encouraged.

Xenogender = any gender that is not defined in terms of its relation to binary genders, but in terms of typically unrelated concepts. Moonlight, foxes, fire, psychics, thieves, and flamethrowers are examples that were used in this lesson. If you either had to or wanted to abandon your binary gender(s), what xenogender(s) would you use instead? If you had a flamethrowergender, Lady Galadriel-obsessed foxy busybody on your hands, how would you keep her out of trouble?

These definitions are intended to be as simple as possible, for the binary babes. If you have a more advanced understanding of these terms, wonderful! This series is intended for people who have never heard these words before. Or have ever considered that there are more than two genders, or that you are allowed to be something other than your assigned gender. I have linked relevant wiki pages for such people to read if they’d like to learn more. Feel free to link / share your own thoughts on nonbinary genders; whether it’s in the form of a tweet, a tumblr post, an essay, a youtube video, or whatever else. Let’s all work together to get the binary babes a better education!

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