Joyfriend Concepts #1

15 prompts for writing and drawing joyfriends!

  1. Joyfriend A learns that Joyfriend B really likes tsunderes, so Joyfriend A tries acting more like one, but it’s hard for them to behave in such a caustic manner.
  2. phoenix joyfriend and peacock joyfriend.
  3. dragon joyfriend and tiger joyfriend.
  4. fairy dragon joyfriends.
  5. joyfriends enjoying ice cream together.
  6. mountain joyfriend, forest joyfriend, and river joyfriend.
  7. farmer joyfriend and grocer joyfriend.
  8. waiter joyfriend and cook joyfriend.
  9. chef joyfriends.
  10. joyfriends holding hands during a walk through the park.
  11. joyfriends studying together.
  12. joyfriends uncovering some lost, secret lore together.
  13. magical joyfriend and physical joyfriend.
  14. gymnast joyfriends.
  15. hockey joyfriends.

My prompts are dedicated to my patreon backers: Fatima Ane and Octolich.

If you’d like your name to be included among them next month, head on over to my patreon! All patrons, at any donation level, will be included in the prompt dedications.

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