Interview with Robin Blackwell

Robin (she/her) is an asexual, aromantic writer. I asked her about herself and her content, as well as content she’s been enjoying recently. You can check out Robin at the links at the end of the interview.

  1. What queer terminology do you use for yourself publicly, offline and / or online? Do not feel pressured to come out as anything in your answer. Please only disclose whatever you’re comfortable with.
    • I am asexual and aromantic.
  2. What non-queer demographic terminology do you use for yourself? (nationality, wealth, ethnicity, race, disability / ability, neurotype, age, education, occupation, for example). Again, please only disclose whatever you’re comfortable with.
    • I am a white American woman with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature.
    • I wrestle with anxiety just about every day of my life.
  3. What content do you produce?
    • I write gay fantasy romance novels.
  4. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not creating content?
    • I love playing video games and reading.
  5. What does the queer community needs to do better about understanding, accepting, and supporting?
    • I suppose that I wish there were more queer spaces outside of college where we can gather without necessarily having the loudness/crowdedness of a club.
  6. What are you excited about going forward? Can be anything from creative projects, personal or professional milestones, etc.
    • I’m very excited to put my new book out sometime this year! Minor Miracles, here we go!
  7. Are there any pets or plants in your life?
    • I have one cat, Persephone, bringer of destruction. I love her with all my heart.
  8. What content creators have you been enjoying recently?
    • I’ve been enjoying Victoria Goddard’s work recently, particularly The Hand of the Emperor.
    • I’ve also been reading a lot of Megan Derr and Sam Burns.
  9. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
    • My favorite thing about myself is my creativity. It’s the one thing about me that I really place any value in.

Robin can be found on twitter. Her books can be purchased through her amazon author page.

If you’re a queer content creator who’d like to be featured on this site, fill out this form. It’s free and fun, and you get to promote yourself! All content and skill levels are welcome!


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