Headless Joyfriend Concepts #1

I love my boyfriend prompts, and I love my girlfriend prompts, but I’d also like to start doing explicitly gender-neutral prompts as well.

If you’re looking for some prompts for writing and drawing joyfriends inspired by the Headless Horseman, these are the prompts for you!

  1. headless joyfriends out riding together.
  2. Headless Joyfriend A wants their head back while Headless Joyfriend B is happy without it.
  3. headless joyfriends carving jack-o-lanterns together.
  4. Headless Joyfriend A rides a horse, Headless Joyfriend B rides a unicorn, and Headless Joyfriend C rides a pegasus.
  5. headless joyfriends who are dragon-riders!
  6. Headless Joyfriend A rides a horse while Headless Joyfriend B rides a griffon.
  7. headless joyfriends searching for their heads together.
  8. headless joyfriends enjoying the sunrise together.
  9. headless joyfriends enjoying foggy weather together.
  10. headless joyfriends complaining about Boston driving (and Boston drivers) together.
  11. headless joyfriends who both enjoy being headless.
  12. headless joyfriends driving a carriage together.
  13. headless joyfriends riding a carousel together.
  14. headless joyfriends sitting on their porch and watching the sunset together.
  15. headless joyfriends taking a midnight ride together.

My prompts are dedicated to my patreon backers: Fatima Ane and Octolich.

If you’d like your name to be included among them next month, head on over to my patreon! All patrons, at any donation level, will be included in the prompt dedications. Once I get enough patrons, I plan on polling them about what theme they’d like a set of prompts to be.


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