Haunted House Setting Generator

Earlier this week, I published a haunted house plot generator, intended to as inspiration for people wanting to create a spooky or spoopy piece.

Today, I’m publishing a series of four questions that focus more on the haunted house itself. On a scale of spoopy to spooky, it leans heavily spooky, for creatives with more horror-inclined imaginations. As with the generator, I’ve included several options from which you may choose; however, you’re welcome to create your own answers as well. I’ve also pre-made some prompts you can peruse at end, if you’d like to see what types of haunted houses you can make with this. Click here to skip to those.

  • What type of housing is your haunted house?
    1. apartment / condominium.
    2. timeshare / co-op.
    3. cabin / cottage.
    4. townhouse.
    5. tiny home.
    6. farm / ranch.
    7. mansion / mcmansion.
    8. hostel / shelter.
    9. hotel / motel.
    10. tent.
    11. abandoned building / former non-housing unit (a former law office, for instance).
    12. castle.
    13. mobile home.
  • Who lives in your haunted house?
    1. a tight-knit family.
    2. an artist who’s focused on their work.
    3. orphans and their caretaker(s).
    4. a non-human being disguised as a human.
    5. a wealthy person and their staff.
    6. someone who’s obtained or desires to obtain immortality.
    7. someone who is unable or unwilling to move on from a past event.
    8. a relentless hunter.
    9. someone who’s frantically working to cure themself or someone else.
    10. a scientist and their experiments.
    11. someone who’s yearning to train their successor.
    12. someone who either sticks rigidly to their beliefs or has betrayed them.
    13. no one lives here… anymore.
  • What surrounds your haunted house?
    1. slippery, frozen snow.
    2. buzzing, bubbling marshes.
    3. clustered, verdant trees.
    4. a sleepless, labyrinthine city.
    5. clammy, impenetrable fog.
    6. cracked, rotting fences.
    7. rough, jagged brick.
    8. cold, immovable iron.
    9. cackling, crackling hedges.
    10. relentless, wailing winds.
    11. lofty, looming mountains.
    12. plunging, smelting sand.
    13. eroded, crumbling graves.
  • What’s inside your haunted house?
    1. damp, reactive mold.
    2. vibrant, toxic flowers.
    3. stolen, tortured corpses.
    4. dry, swollen mushrooms.
    5. oily, flammable water.
    6. creaking, disintegrated floorboards.
    7. stiff, polished sculptures.
    8. scratchy, flaking paint.
    9. droning, flickering lights.
    10. clouded, fractured mirrors.
    11. immaculate, perfunctory portraits.
    12. mismatched, peeling wallpaper.
    13. scraggly, toothy pets.

Pre-Made Haunted Houses.

  • A ranch occupied by orphans and their caretaker. It is surrounded by cracked, rotting fences. Inside are creaking, disintegrating floorboards.
  • A mansion occupied by a wealthy person and their staff. It is surrounded by lofty, looming mountains. Inside is oily, flammable water.
  • A castle occupied by someone who sticks rigidly to their beliefs. It is surrounded by cold, immovable iron. Inside are stiff, polished sculptures.
  • An abandoned church occupied by someone who desires to obtain immortality. It is surrounded by eroded, crumbling graves. Inside are stolen, tortured corpses.

My prompts are dedicated to my patreon backers: Fatima Ane and Octolich.

If you’d like your name to be included among them next month, subscribe to my patreon! All patrons, at any donation level, will be included in the prompt dedications. Once I get enough patrons, I plan on polling them about what theme they’d like a set of prompts to be.

If you create anything with this generator, link it below in the comments! I’d love to see it. I’d also appreciate if you included a link to the generator or to this site within your work.


4 thoughts on “Haunted House Setting Generator

      1. No problem. I am really wanting to make more short horror stories so any group that does this will have my involvement.

        Let me know if you need any help.


      2. that’s exactly why i made it! some people have lots of ideas for stories, and some people work better with some sort of structure to work off of. and everybody loves silly little quizzes like these.

        Liked by 1 person

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