Werewolf Girlfriend Concepts #1

Awoooo!!! Here’s some werewolf girlfriend prompts!!!

  1. tall werewolf girlfriend and small werewolf girlfriend.
  2. werewolf girlfriends fighting werewolf hunters together.
  3. werewolf girlfriends kissing in the moonlight.
  4. werewolf girlfriends rolling in leaf piles together.
  5. werewolf girlfriends covered in snow together.
  6. human friends to werewolf girlfriends.
  7. big tiddy werewolf girlfriend, small tiddy werewolf girlfriend, and no tiddy werewolf girlfriend.
  8. werewolf girlfriends taking moonlit selfies together.
  9. werewolf girlfriends chasing each other.
  10. werewolf girlfriends play-fighting.
  11. werewolf girlfriend with two tails, werewolf girlfriend with one tail, and werewolf girlfriend with no tail.
  12. dark elemental werewolf girlfriend, ice elemental werewolf girlfriend, and earth elemental werewolf girlfriend.
  13. winter werewolf girlfriend and spring werewolf girlfriend.
  14. werewolf girlfriend who favors her claws and werewolf girlfriend who favors her fangs.
  15. werewolf girlfriends who demolish everything in between themselves and each other.

My prompts are dedicated to my patreon backers: Fatima Ane and Octolich.

If you’d like your name to be included among them next month, head on over to my patreon! All patrons, at any donation level, will be included in the prompt dedications. Once I get enough patrons, I plan on polling them about what theme they’d like a set of prompts to be.


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