Werewolf Boyfriend Concepts #1

Awoooo!!! Here’s some werewolf boyfriend prompts!!!

  1. werewolf boyfriends nesting together.
  2. werewolf boyfriends cuddling in their den together.
  3. a pack of werewolf boyfriends.
  4. black-furred, red-eyed werewolf boyfriend and white-furred, green-eyed werewolf boyfriend.
  5. black, gray, white, and brown werewolf boyfriends.
  6. old, grizzly werewolf boyfriends drinking on their porch together.
  7. werewolf boyfriends watching the moon rise together.
  8. werewolf boyfriends watching the moon set together.
  9. werewolf boyfriends howling at the moon together.
  10. werewolf boyfriends hunting together.
  11. werewolf boyfriends who hunt together, stay together!
  12. werewolf boyfriends meeting each other on the edges of each other’s territories.
  13. werewolf boyfriends from opposing packs.
  14. human rivals to werewolf boyfriends.
  15. werewolf boyfriend A keeps play-biting werewolf boyfriend B’s extra fluffy tail.

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My prompts are dedicated to my patreon backers: Fatima Ane and Octolich.

If you’d like your name to be included among them next month, head on over to my patreon! All patrons, at any donation level, will be included in the prompt dedications. Once I get enough patrons, I plan on polling them about what theme they’d like a set of prompts to be.


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