J had never been gladder to be back in Neomon Town! Once they verified the mission’s completion at the post office, Wy-Lopmon broke down and hugged as many of them as ze could.

“That was so scary!!! Heatmor Hills never used to be like that!” Wy-Lopmon cried. “Sure, rural mons would fight back if you made them upset, any mon would, but they never attacked first! I was just out there gathering apples!”

It wasn’t the first time Muddy and J had heard something along those lines, and J was afraid it wouldn’t be the last.

“You’ve all had a lot of close calls today,” Suzy said to her, Muddy, and Wy-Lopmon. “Make sure you get lots of rest when you get home.”

“And if you can’t sleep at home, come have a sleepover with us!” Pachi said. “Our treehouse is super cozy!”

“Our pride blanket just came in the other day,” said Chi-Chi. “It’s so warm and fuzzy~.”

“And huge!!!” Pachi said, arms out as wide as they could go. “It’s big enough for all of us!”

Wy-Lopmon thanks them all again before heading home.

Muddy sprang over to Suzy, “So you’re a girl with a long face stripe.”

J wanted to scream at Muddy so bad. It was a Normal-Water type talking to an Electric type. It could stand to learn some basic survival skills!

“I am,” Suzy said with total confidence. Pachi and Chi-Chi seemed ready for another fight, though. J didn’t blame them.

“One of our friends is a girl with a long face stripe, and her dad didn’t take it very well,” J explained before Muddy got them blasted with three Discharges all at once. “Would you be willing to talk to her? We’re trying to, but her dad’s—.”

“Her not-dad,” Muddy was quick to say.

J continued, “Her dad’s a Pachirisu. We’re not.”

Team EleSquirrel perked right up again.

“I would love to talk to her!” Suzy said.

“Thank you so much!” said J, hopeful an expert would be able to get through to Roquelle. J didn’t know Roquelle super well, but J had never noticed her be ashamed of her face stripe before. Maybe all she needed was another Pachirisu’s reassurance.

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