In a Mystery Dungeon-style AU featuing fusion Pokémon, Team Fusion leader Sophia stays behind to care for their teammate Roquelle. That leaves Muddy and J on their own to rescue Wy-Lopmon from Heatmor Hills!

many thanks to Hachiko for the sensitivity read!

drafts. toyhouse. 4thewords.

Wy-Lopmon: a wynaut-lopmon fusion. Zir eyes are closed, as is zir mouth. Wy-Lopmon has stripes on zir ears. Ze also has three horns on zir head, and a tail with an eyeball-like spot on zir tail.


Main Characters.

Roquelle (she/her). Pachirisu-Buneary. Joins Team Fusion to help support her best friend Sophia.

Sophia (they/them singular). Xweetok-Eevee. The founder of Team Fusion: an all Fusion rescue team.

Muddy (it/its). Mudkip-Eevee. A knife who’s shaped like a friend.

J (he/him, she/her). Joltmon-Eevee. A younger mon who’s hoping to stay out of trouble.

Minor Characters.

Team EleSquirrel: composed of Suzy (she/her), Pachi (he/him), and Chi-Chi (shey/shem). An all-intersex, all-pachrisu rescue team.

Wy-Lopmon (ze/zir). Wynaut-Lopmon. An unfortunate young mon who’s trapped in a durant hill.

Lord Luke (he/him). Luxray. An author who writes essays on gender diversity.


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