Stripe (draft)

draft about an all-fusion Pokémon Mystery Dungeon rescue team helping their teammate recover from her father’s transphobia. Also drafts for Uncut Gems and Neon Lights, as well as some poetry.

vod links 1 and 2.

alternative titles:

  • Stripes.
  • Discharge!
  • Wy-Lopmon, Heatmor Hills, 5F.

CN: transphobia (mentioned), misogyny, food (during a scene where people are eating), a pet running away with an uncertain fate.

The completed work will be up tomorrow.

hello! (gonna set up a stream promo tweet. we’re gonna start soon)! new stream setup, as you can see everywhere. i didn’t realize the go live button would go live XD. i’m used to melon making me fill out all the info first.

but anyway, what do y’all think so far? :3c.

i didn’t mean to all caps that report but whatever it works.

we unlocked a couple new areas in 4theWords right before stream, actually. and two of them are areas for a quest that i’ve had forever, so we’re hopefully gonna finish that off at least tonight. and hopefully move on to others.

thoughts. thoughts. form thoughts.

i know what i want to write, there’s just a lot.

you ever have that? a lot of thoughts going in your head, and none of them making it out?

you wanna shove them all out, but there’s not enough room for them to escape, and they all get stuck.

i don’t have my mic set up yet. i didn’t wanna fiddle with a new stream set up and a mic, so we’re just doing the stream set up for now. if it gets closer to a time when i know my family’s all alseep, and we’re still going, i might try it out.

i’m mostly just worried about them barging in and deadnaming and misgendering me and welp it’s on the internet now.

i know it’s just a desk mic but still.

i also don’t want it catching my own voice. every time i perceive it i don’t like it.

i remember recording myself back when i was a kid cuz blue’s clues did an episode where they showed you how a tape recorder works.

“This is how. a tape recorder works!”

and i remember viscerally hating my voice. this was back even before puberty, if i’m recalling the timeline correctly.

why can’t we just be smart dolls and swap out whatever we don’t want.

fuck hoverboards, where’s the ship of Theseus technology?

okay the stream text is updating on my end. so the story i’m gonna work on tonight has a trans character in it. at least one. i haven’t quite decided if any of the other ones identify as trans yet. they’re still relatively new to me.

actually very new to me. the oldest one’s muddy, i believe.

but anyway the point is. a trans character came out as trans, and her parents didn’t take it very well. and she’s in a funk due to that, understandably.

one of her friends is taking care of her. her oldest friend, in fact. the friend she’s most comfortable with.

the other two friends, who are new to her, they’re appeasing capitalism while half the team’s down. or whatever economic system pokemon abides by.

and it takes place in the pokemon mystery dungeon universe specifically, so they’re all pokemon and humans don’t exist usually. there’s been exceptions to that rule canonically.

these friends are on a rescue team, which means they go out and rescue other mons.

and it’s a fusionverse, so there’s tons of fusion pokemon.

our characters founded Team Fusion, in fact. an all fusion mon team!

i wanted to give y’all all this info cuz i started this story already, so we are jumping in the middle of it.

i have the start and the conclusion, i’m mostly adding stuff. cuz originally the characters that were important to the end just appeared and said their spiel and they deserve better than that.

like i made them to be freakin’ awesome in fight, and it’d be nice to show that.

i just wanna have the content note up there in case i go back and edit the start, which is where most of the transphobia is mentioned.

one more thing i’ll say is that they’re all pokemon, like i said. and trans pokemon in question is a buneary pachirisu fusion. and pachirisu have different size face stripes depending on their sex. so if you see references to face stripes anywhere, that’s why.

doing these fusions and crafting characters for this lil AU, and being trans myself. it’s fun to have characters that are identifiable as having different sex characteristics, but without those being sex characteristics of a human. not that i know every single human in the world, but most of us don’t have face stripes based on our AGAB / biology.

like i have a character who’s either gonna be a shinx riolu fusion or a litleo riolu fusion. as much as i adore shinx, he’s gonna be joining Team Fusion eventually and we already have two electric types already. sure fire is also weak to ground, but at least it’s not another electric type.

but both of those species have sexual dimorphism, and it’s just nice to see a trans masc character who has AFAB characteristics without those characteristics being things that i’m dysphoric about.

Between all their Discharges and her Bide, the Heatmor couldn’t take it anymore.  He shuffled off, huffing and growling in defeat.

[might extend this battle scene later, but this is fine for now.]

[me: doesn’t write a lot of battle scenes.]

[also me: picks a franchise with lots of battling.]

[well if nothing else, it’ll force me to better myself as a writer. and possibly as an artist if i try drawing this.]

One of the Pachirisu, a shiny one with a spiky stripe, tried to give J an sitrus berry.  J wanted to take it.  She knew it’d be good for her to take it, but Run Away was still too strong.  J’s body kept moving back, against her wishes.

“Put it over here,” said the Bide-using Pachirisu.

“Then she can take it without us reigniting Run Away!” said another one, pattering his feet to a little dance.

“That’s brilliant, Suzy!” said the shiny one.

J moved back even more.  All the noise was getting to her.  Run Away was interpreting it as aggression.

[toyhouse is amazing. i love it.]

However, once the shiny Pachirisu put the sitrus berry down, and moved back; J was able to move forward and take it.  It worked instantly, refreshing J and dissolving Run Away.  In it’s place was the sitrus berry’s smooth texture and well-rounded flavor.

[actually no we’re changing this to a sitrus berry. Team EleSquirrel is very generous.]

Muddy got a sitrus berry too!  This was a very generous rescue team.

[looking something up for Team EleSquirrel to be gathering.]

Muddy shook out its fluff and said, “Thanks for the save.  We’re a bit over our heads here.”

As much as J wanted to be annoyed that Muddy hadn’t admitted that in the first place, she was mostly in awe of how cool it sounded even after getting defeated so soundly.  Nothing broke Muddy’s confidence.

“Of course!” said Suzy. “We were already here gathering Silver Powder to help out another team.  We couldn’t just ignore a cry for help.”

“Silver Powder?” J asked. “We have plenty of that!”

“A couple more friends from earlier dropped a fucking bucket,” Muddy said. “You can have it!”

“Thank you!” Suzy said. “Are you sure you don’t need it?”

“Nah,” said Muddy, “none of us know Bug-type moves.”

“Okay, thank you!” Suzy said.

“So other than gathering buckets of Silver Powder, what are you two doing here?” the shiny Pachirisu asked with a smirk.

[alrighty. i hath hydrated. thank thee, oh merciful goddess TheLadyWrites, for your boon.]

[i’m gonna pop back over to the general document i made earlier.]

I keep wondering if you’ll come back after I’ve left.

But just like me, hopefully, you’ve left, and you’re not looking back.

You’re not coming back to this house.

I’ve seen your pictures. At least I’m pretty sure they’re your pictures.

You’re a calico amongst calicos.

You’re thriving.

You look better.

You don’t ever have to come back to this hell.

I hope you never do.

They never appreciated you here.

Especially the middle child.

Thus is the fate of all labeled “girl”, “unsociable”, and “unsociable girl”.

So please.

Fly your flag with pride, Abbi. Fly it for me until I can too.

I love you.

I am so sorry.

I can’t stop thinking if I’d been home that day, I could’ve convinced you to come back. I could’ve convinced them to keep you inside. To play with you more, with all our cats more, so you wouldn’t have to go outside.

But I’m glad you didn’t. You shouldn’t have to be convinced to come back home.

You deserve better, and I’m glad you’ve found it.

I love you so much. It still hurts. The lack of confirmed closure. But. I’m glad you’re there. I’m glad you’re safe.

If there is a next life for us, I hope we can meet then.

I lie to survive, and it’s kept me alive.

but now my mind, my wings,

every single centimeter of my being is yearning to thrive.

like it or not, i’m going to thrive.

[still on break. i just don’t want to come back to THAT.]

[i’m back.]

[it hurts. it hurts that a cat can be openly queer and i can’t. but i am happy for her.]

[alright let’s kill a monkey.]

“We’re here to Rescue Wy-Lopmon!” J said.

“Wy-Lopmon? Oh no!” said the especially energetic Pachirisu.

The shiny one also became on alert.

“Have you seen zir yet?” Suzy asked.

“No,” J’s ears flattened with her disappointment. “Ze mentioned ze was pretty far in.”

“Why don’t we go with you?” Suzy said. “The Heatmor and Durant only get tougher from here.”

“Plus there’s [pokemon] later on,” said the shiny one.

Even Muddy agreed that was a good idea.  J didn’t want to think about fighting those with just herself and Muddy.

They had to manuever a bit to not get hit with Team EleSquirrel’s Discharges, but they were so cool!  They all had Volt Absorb!  And with Discharge attacking all around them, they could hit hard and heal harder.  And if Discharge didn’t work, Pachi, the energetic one, had Grass Knot; Chi-Chi, the spiky-striped, one had Nuzzle, Sweet Kiss, and Toxic; and Suzy had Swift!  The mons of Heatmor Hills didn’t know what hit them!

[oh shit 40 words in 2 minutes. fuck fuck fuck. fuck!!! i am not losing a battle to the feels!!!! let’s fucking go!]

[Suzy likes apple pie, but she will eat blueberry and cherry and peach, if apple’s not available.]

[okay i’m gonna take a bio break. brb. i will not be gone as long as the last one.]

[i’m back, how’s everybody doing?]

[450 words i can do that.]

[idk if this is a new hydrate or the old one but thank you for another hydrate, Lady Writes.]

[lurkers, i love you! thank you for lurking.  i hope you are appreciated as you deserve.]

[gonna just skip to wy-lopmon being safe and sound for now. might add a final battle later if i feel like it. maybe a heatmor and some durants.]

[welcome in, raiders! thank you for the raid, coffeequills ❤ i greatly appreciate it. and for the raid suggestion! i will certainly be taking you up on that.]

[so yeah, we’re writing pokemon, everybody! pokemon mystery dungeon specifically. those are the games where everyone’s a pokemon (except the humans that get turned into pokemon but anyway).]

[the content note is mostly for stuff that was discussed at the beginning of the story. i don’t think i’ll go back and edit it tonight. but transphobia did kick off the main premise.  The A-plot, if you will, so i just wanted to help everybody stay safe. if you need to duck out, i understand.  What i’ve written on-stream has mostly been the B-plot, which is the other half of the team rescuing a random fusion mon. i can’t wait to draw wy-lopmon.]

Once Wy-Lopmon started heading safely home, Muddy sprang a statement on Suzy.

“So you’re a girl with a long face stripe.”

J’s eyes went wide.  She wanted to scream at Muddy so bad.  It was a Normal-Water type talking to an Electric type.  It could stand to learn some diplomacy!

“I am,” Suzy said with total confidence.  Pachi and Chi-Chi seemed ready for another fight, even underneath their cheerful demeanors.  J didn’t blame them.

“One of our friends is a girl with a long face stripe, and her parents didn’t take it very well,” J explained. “Would you be willing to talk to her?  We’re trying to, but her dad’s—.”

“Her not-dad,” Muddy was quick to say.

J continued, “Her dad’s a Pachirisu.  We’re not.”

Team EleSquirrel perked right up again.

“I would love to talk to her!” Suzy said.

“Thank you so much!” said J, hopeful an expert would be able to get through to Roquelle.  J didn’t know her super well, but J had never noticed her be ashamed of her face stripe before.  Maybe she just needed to hear it from another Pachirisu.

[alright y’all, i am beat. plus i definitely need to chill from The Writing Thing That I Did. so we’re gonna raid.

oh thank you for the hydrate gilly!

we’re gonna raid another writing streamer. i’ll put up the image while check that this streamer is live.


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