The Fairy King and the New Prince (draft)

draft about a fairy king convincing his boyfriend to move in with him.

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This first iteration of the story is a lot more violent than the next renditions of it. It’s not sexually violent per se, but it is very intimately violent, and involves violating someone’s bodily autonomy. Click here to skip to the next version of the project, which does not contain these elements.

Content notes for this document include: non-consensual touching, non-consensual body modification, abduction, and referenced transphobia targeting a trans masc person.  None of these things are done in a sexual manner, but they all violate his bodily autonomy and thus provoke an understandably visceral reaction within the victim.

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The Elvenking watched his new pet. prince. sleep.  The rise and fall of the prince’s chest was erratic.  [Still trying to hold to its human pace with elven lungs.]  Still performing its human pace with elven lungs.  But otherwise, he was still.  [Enchanted asleep.]

Enchanted.  A suggestion from the healers.  [Princes who adjusted more smoothly.]  As much as the Elvenking wanted to become reacquainted, he knew they were right.  Princes who awoke fully transformed adjusted more smoothly.

He wondered how the prince would behave?  Would he act compliant, secretly defiant until opportunity arose to try and squirm from the Elvenking’s grasp?  Would he fight, attempt to kill him until he forced the Elvenking to put him down?  The Elvenking was very curious. And prepared.  He’d learned from his previous princes.  This one would do no such thing.

He’d picked one who was neglected by his community, his family.  Ostracized for asserting his manhood.  The Elvenking thought that was strange.  From his dealings with humans, he knew that they preferred men, so they should’ve loved the prince as much as he did.

Ultimately, it served his purposes, he supposed.  Some compliments here and there and a child’s bout of shapeshifting filled the prince with gratitude.  It was the oddest seduction the Elvenking had ever performed.

He followed him into the Forest willingly.

And now, he would outlive his entire ex-town.  The buildings would crumble, its people would be dust, yet he would still be lovely.

Even in death, if it came to that.

The Elvenking frowned.  He was determined to ensure it would never come to that!  He thumbed the newborn tips of the prince’s ears for reassurance.  The prince’s ears were small, lunar-fleshed, and well-rounded; like the rest of his body.

[“well-rounded” has to be the weirdest way anyone has ever written “fat”, but i doubt anyone would ever call ears “fat”. plus i guess it fits the Elvenking’s character. -shrugs-]

[The Elvenking returned the next day.  The prince was sleeping peacefully still.  The healers had come.]

The Elvenking called for a healer to check the prince’s breathing.

The next evening, following a long day of court, the Elvenking returned to the welcome quiet of the prince’s chambers.  The prince was sleeping more peacefully.  There were a few hitches here and there, but for the most part, his breathing seemed to have finally evened out into its new, true pace.  The Elvenking was relieved.  He was closer than ever to his full transformation.  Closer than ever to joining the Elvenking at last.

Even now, the Elvenking was grateful for his companionship.  The Elvenking thumbed his hand as he reminisced about his day with all the dreadfully petty nobles.

“They begged me to introduce you,” he said. “I’m not the only one who’s excited about your arrival, unfortunately.  They think I should pass you around.  They think they can teach you proper princely behavior better than I can!” It was then he noticed that his one finger rub had turned into a clutch. He loosened his hold, and the flesh of the prince’s hand returned to normal. The Elvenking kissed it, imbuing a bit of magic for extra warmth and healing.  The prince practically glowed.  The Elvenking wanted to commission a painting of the sight.  Assured that no permanent damage had been done, the Elvenking continued. “I’m not throwing you to those wolves.”

He knew they meant well, but that didn’t mean the Elvenking had to like it.  The disasters that the prince’s predecessors had become were public, sore points; and every Elf knew it.

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[pro tip: don’t lie about being trans, and then complain that trans people have blocked your ass.]

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The Elvenking rubbed the underside of the prince’s wrist.  The prince felt bony there despite the good amount of fat on his body.  It seemed vulnerable.  It would take but a flick of the Elvenking’s wrist to snap it in half.

The Elvenking didn’t want to act on his prince’s weaknesses, but if it came to that…

It would never come to that.

The Elvenking rubbed the tip of the prince’s ear before departing for dinner.

Once more, the Elvenking returned the next evening.  He was amidst his recounting of the day’s dramatics when he spotted the prince’s fingers twitching.

The Elvenking called for a healer, thinking that the enchantment might be breaking.  He realized a moment later that it would’ve taken too much magic for the prince to have in order to do such a thing.  And after a thorough examination, the healer reassured him that this was merely another sign that the prince’s metamorphosis would soon be complete.  Within the next few days, in fact!

And unfortunately, that increased the nobles’ audacity.  It was only the patience the Elvenking had developed over thousands of years that kept him from adjourning court early during this time.  [Although he did threaten, in much more flowery language, as suiting his station, that the next person.]

“You won’t believe the nerve of these people,” the Elvenking hadn’t even shut the door before ranting to the prince.  He’d been rolling his eyes, deep in his frustration, so he hadn’t immediately noticed.

The prince was awake.  The Elvenking halted immediately, staring in ecstasy.

The prince stared back, pinched and grumpy like a ruffled baby bird.

The Elvenking moved to his bedside.  The prince shuffled away, sitting up and folding his knees in front of him, watching the Elvenking with a fierce glare.

The Elvenking chuckled.  So he was determined to fight then?  Very well.  He wasn’t the first prince to try.  He hadn’t done anything yet, so the Elvenking allowed him to spring a very easy trap.

The Elvenking reached for the tip of the prince’s ear.  The prince smacked his hand away and tried to move away.  But with supernatual speed, the Elvenking pinned the prince’s hands to the headboard with one of his own, leaving the other free for tip touches.

The prince to tried bite him.

“Adorable,” the Elvenking said, holding the prince’s soft face.

The prince snarled.  He writhed beneath the Elvenking, doing his best to buck him off, but the Elvenking was a tank of sturdy strength.  A tiger. And the prince was but a cub. A cheetah cub, at that.  The prince exhausted himself quickly.

“Now then,” the Elvenking said, sliding two fingers over the shell of the prince’s ear.  The prince was out of energy to resist.

The effect of the gesture was immediate.  The prince’s pupils dilated, becoming black saucers with a thread of brown tied around them.  His breathing slowed, his body relaxed.

“We shall dine alone tonight,” the Elvenking said, weaving his influence with steel fibers. “You’re overwhelmed already, you need rest.”

The prince squinted, once again reminding the Elvenking of an angry little bird.  He seemed to want to object to the idea on principle, but the Elvenking knew him very well.  His body hadn’t been built to endure stimulation even as a human.  He flinched at the bell the Elvenking rang to call the servants.

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The Elvenking had the healers examine him in the morning.

“Did he rise well?” they asked.

“He had a small upset, but I don’t blame him,” the Elvenking said, running a finger up and down the shell of the prince’s ear.  The prince turned away from it, but only because his head fell to the other side in exhaustion.  The examination had heavily taxed him.  And he hadn’t exactly gotten true sleep during his transformation.

[Breakfast had also.]

Breakfast had also been enchanted.  Nothing drastic, just a dash of compliance and fatigue.  Mostly to stave off the rumor mill.  The Elvenking knew what he was doing!

“I would also be very grumpy to wake somewhere strange, tired at that!” the Elvenking said. “The poor thing’s exhausted.”

“In that case, we’ll leave him in your capable hands,” said one of the healers. “Do call on us if any additional concerns arise, or if this continues past a year.”

The Elvenking thanked them for their time and counsel.  Once the healers filed out, he turned to the prince.

“Now then,” he said, watching as the breakfast enchantment slowly wore off, “I believe it’s time we knew each other as Elves.”

The prince’s eyes opened.  Half-lidded for a long moment, never quite focusing.  Awake, yet not alert: the perfect time to weave more influence.

The Elvenking rubbed the prince’s dominant hand, slow circles into the palm and back, worming between each finger and his thumb.  He eventually moving on its oh so fragile wrist.  The prince released a small burst of breath, as if realizing himself just how fragile he was.

The Elvenking slowly slid up the prince’s arm.  A burst of several breaths revealed that the prince was sensitive to touch as well.  It was a wonder he survived the human world for as long as he had.  In time, he’d learn it was much better for him here.  But for now, the Elvenking noted his ticklishness with a smirk.

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The prince’s shoulder was more poorly-cushioned bone.  The Elvenking gave it some circles and squeezes, lulling him into settling down.  He’d just about drifted back off to sleep when the Elvenking slowly slid his hand up and around his neck.  Air burst out again.  The prince’s eyes opened with forced quickness.  Once the fibers began to thread together again, the Elvenking moved on.

The shallow cleft of his chin, his soft jaw, cheeks, and nose all received his attention.

Once again, it was the ears that produced the most dramatic effect.  [The particulars and whys of it didn’t matter to the Elvenking.]  It was a sensitive region for most Elves, including himself, but it seemed especially so for princes.  An effect of their transformation, perhaps.  The particulars didn’t matter to the Elvenking.  All he needed to know was that it existed.

And thus, it could be exploited.

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