Windows Let You See Sunshine (draft)

[let’s see if that helps the slow down]

[new stuff starts here]

[okay the stream is streaming XD let’s write!!]

[was having trouble remembering what animal i made lalitha but i remember now~]

Ben figured the best way to introduce them was to just let them have at it. Rose was sweet by any name, and Buddy was no stranger to abuse herself, unfortunately. Buddy should’ve been shining amongst the stars, no one a couple of thieves ever met, yet she here she was amongst the dust.

“I’m just getting a plate for Solnishko. Rosy figured he was getting overwhelmed,” Buddy said as she piled on pancake after pancake and plenty of bacon. “Oh, his name’s Solnishko! Rose and I helped him pick out a name. He’s lovely, has he been here long?”

Ben closed his eyes and folded his arms.

“Found him this morning,” Kim said, angrily tearing into his own bacon. “In a fuckin’ freezer.”

Buddy gasped. Rose’s eyes bugged out.

“Needed to burn something. Something big,” Kim continued, as grim as brimstone. “Wish I could’ve burned his warden with it.”

Silence followed.

“Has he had any eggs? I’m getting him some eggs,” Buddy eventually said. “Ben, you need to eat more, too. I’m not having my hubby pass out on the job again.”

“Me neither,” Kim glared at him.

Ben threw up his paws when Rose started glaring at him, too.

But he couldn’t deny that it worked. His pancakes were still warm when he dug into them. He’d forgotten how good warm, fresh Kim pancakes tasted. And dipped in real maple syrup from their fence in Troy… Perfection!

“He doing okay?” Ben asked when Buddy returned.

“He didn’t think he was allowed to eat more…” she said. “If I get my paws on whatever creep had him last, I’m dropping the hammer!”

Rose smacked her fist menacingly.

“When do you suppose Litha’s coming?” Buddy asked.

Speaking of the devil.

Lalitha, a black wolf with yellow eyes, suited up in leather, threw the door open and marched right to the table, chucking her helmet behind her. She put a box of doughnuts on the counter before fixing up her own plate and digging right in.

“You break it, you fix it,” Kim warned her.

“It’s not broken yet,” Lalitha grinned. “When’s our next job, Mom?”

“Breakfast first, then business,” Ben said.

Lalitha looked pointedly at Ben’s empty plate, “You mean we’ll eat breakfast, and you’ll forget.”

“I’ve eaten!” Ben said.

“Eat more!” said everyone else. Even Rose betrayed him!

“My flower,” Ben gestured dramatically. “I can’t believe you.”

Rose just drew the guy from the I Don’t Always meme. Traitor!

Once everyone was fed and the table was clear, Ben got down to the promised business.

[i’m back :3 ]

[my goal is to add at least 500 more words]

[it might just be the general energy of the day or the washer/dryer going right now but i’ve been kind of unfocused all day. i think i need a sensory nap or something]

[tap tap tap tap tap]

“The Astron Diamond,” Ben began. “On display at the Benthic Discovery and Study Museum. This week only.”

[its current acronym is BDM i’m not changing this]

[WAIT i can make it better]

[yaaaaaas BDSM!! i feel accomplished i don’t care]

[double check that NHM doesn’t refer to a specific museum]

[ooh okay so we have a seacoast museum and a woodman institute museum. cool!]

[okay gotta find a sea treasure they can swipe]

[avast, me hearties!!]

[idk why an ocean museum would be displaying a diamond irl but whatever~ i want a heist set in an aquarium]

[i’m sure there’s plenty of valuable shit from the ocean they could be displaying, i’ll do more research later]

“Starfish!” Rose said, noting the shape of the diamond in question.

“So we’re makin’ like pirates and pillaging some booty,” Kim said.

“Absolutely, me hearties,” Ben said.

“Aye, aye, captain!” said Buddy.

“Shiver me timbers, what’s the plan, Captain Mom?” Lalitha asked, voice tinted playfully.

The poor saps didn’t have much in the way of security. Some obligatory day guards and a night crew. None of them got a lot of action outside of the occasional entitled patron. Hence why they were striking next month. July would be hot, and parents would be tired of their kids being home from break. BDSM’s busy time. The perfect time to show off a themed diamond.

The perfect time to steal it, too.

[i’m just realizing how ridiculous it would be for anybody’s superhero/villain codename to be based on animals. i mean whatever we have superheroes and villains named after their race (mostly black heroes i.e. black panther, black marvel). future note: not that species and race are the same at all of course.]

“And the bat-brat?” Kim said.

[yeah when i snuck off earlier i lowkey decided that the main superhero in this universe is batman. now we can have a conversation about why a bunch of rich people live in new hampshire of all fucking places but. BUT. CAR CHASES WITH ROUNDABOUT MECHANICS]

[if you’ve never seen a roundabout before, you need to look this nonsense up. they’re basically four-way intersections without lights. they’re awful! you should see a trucker try to deal with them. like nah. you just don’t. they suck so much!]

“I’ve got a plan for him, too,” Ben said, smirking.

Later, once the family business was concluded for the day, Lalitha claimed the first doughnut, Boston cream, and dug right in. Rose plucked out an ocean-looking one. She almost took her first bite when she grabbed out a star-shaped one too and took it down the hall.

[oh that’s right lalitha was bringing doughnuts]

“Rosy!” Lalitha was not one to tolerate staying out of the loop for long. She quickly followed Rose.

“I’m going too,” Kim said. “He might still think he has to stay there.”

[going to add to my spoiler notes, i’ll be right back]

[we’re back]

[it’s amazing how much of my stuff comes together when i start doing the stuff. like oh that was going to be an incidental thing, but now it’s a plot thing]

You’re looking out the window again.  You. Solnishko.  Thorn, er, Rose and Buddy helped you pick it out.  The Future Man never mentioned Buddy.

Solnishko was looking out the window again.

You have a name you like now. It feels very nice.

The wedding veils were gone, but the sun was strong and bright.  You wanted to go outside.  Kim said you could, but…

[ah shit what would buddy’s codename be???]

Then it hit him.

Thorn had been an orphan.

Something happened in this timeline that saved Buddy.

Solnishko was happy for the both of them.  Buddy seemed very nice.  She clearly enjoyed what she liked, and she was happy to share it with others. Even strangers like him!

[there. quick and easy fix XD now i don’t have to decide on a codename until later~ PROcrastination]

Solnishko saw Rose’s reflection in the window.  She was back with two doughnuts.  She held out a star-shaped one to him.

“Thank you,” Solnishko said.

He’d eaten so much food today.  He told her that.  She just frowned.

“Rose, what are you doing in here?” a black wolf with yellow eyes barged in.

“Knock first!” Rose pushed at her, but the wolf didn’t budge.

Splendor! Solnishko didn’t recognize her without her golden eyes or claws. What was she doing with the Scoundrels?

[did i ever decide on a codename for lalitha?]

[there. i have decided.]

[splendor is such a good name. damn.]

[god i gotta draw these characters some time]

[you know what this is a good place to end, we’ve been going for three hours now, and i wanna draw :I let’s find someone to raid!!]


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