Windows Let You See Sunshine (draft)

draft about a furry found family finding another family member.

vod links 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,

(sorry i’m a bit late, i’m trying to figure out what some lyrics are #AudioProcessing)

oh thank god someone finally posted the lyrics (or at least the lyrics i was struggling with 😛

people who post song lyrics are doing Raccoon Jesus’s work


hello everyone ❤ i’m in a nostalgic mood tonight, so i’m going to be rewriting my first ever fanfiction: STAR Blazers. I’ve been wanting to make a remake of this for fucking years now, and maybe i’ll actually do it this year.

so we’re gonna be changing some names cuz i don’t want DC suing me but the basic scenario is Barry Allen, aka the Flash, is kidnapped by Eobard Thawne as a four-year-old. To the point where Barry has no memories of his family, and he develops his own character from there. He’s rescued by one of his Rogues: Mick Rory, aka Heatwave. And fun times from there.

I also thought it’d be fun to make it an original work rather than fanfiction. just to flex my creativity. plus i’m not really called to write fanfiction anymore, especially not as much as i used to.

fanfiction is totally valid writing by the way! some people want and / or need the structure and audience that fanfiction provides. it’s like the difference between playing with a lego set or building all the legos yourself. and some people are really good at building with legos! but other people aren’t, and they have as much right to legos as the former people do.

(hale when you said you’d be changing some names, it would help to have some names prepared ughhhhh)

Kim threw on their coat and gloves despite June’s temper tantrum. This cabin they’d found, it was freezing. It was making all their alarm bells ring.

Their ears flattened as they began their investigation. There were no windows, and only one door. The place wasn’t even actually made of wood either. It was some fake metal shit that was painted to look like wood. What the actual fuck???

Done with this bullshit, Kim kicked the door down. Their tail poofed up when they heard a gasp from inside.

Some damn kid, a raccoon, huddled in the corner, keeping his tear-filled eyes away from Kim’s.

Kim’s breath became a fog machine. They marched right over to the kid and said, “Let’s get you outta here, yeah?”

The kid winced when Kim scooped him up. He was even more confused when Kim set him down gently into the truck. Kim then grabbed their gear and set that hellhole on fire.

They’d come out here wanting to enjoy a fire. Crack open a beer and just bask in the glory of the flames. Kim threw all that out the window.

This was why they left planning and shit to Ben. Ya think ya gotta foolproof plan to burn an abandoned cabin, and then it turns you find a torture chamber! God fucking dammit!

[kim’s a mountain lion btw]

“Got a name?” Kim asked once the engine woke up, grumbling as much as Kim was.

“He calls me names,” the kid said, voice raspy from an obvious lack of use. Lack of permission to use, Kim figured with horror. The kid looked out the window, adding on as if an afterthought, “He ruined mine.”

Kim swallowed vomit.

“We’ll find you a new one,” Kim said. “My partner and his sister, they’re real creative types.”

The kid kept looking out the window, but Kim knew he was listening.

[everything must be perfecttttttttttt hiss]

“Will the car be okay if I play with my lighting?” the kid eventually asked.

“Sure,” Kim said. They thought it was one of those pokey mans or a digi mans or hell, even a Neopet. Anything other than literal fucking lightning!

Kim pulled over when the air electrified. Light blue lightning sizzled between the kid’s fingers as he flapped his hands at a million times a minute. His eyes glowed a ghostly blue, but they were happy, laughing. An airy laugh, small and quiet.

Kim shrugged and continued on their way. So the kids played with lightning these days? Fair enough. Kim figured there just weren’t enough Neopets. Or lighter fuel.

Curvy roads, a gentle decline, and a seaside route gave Kim three hours to figure out how to tell Ben “our new family member’s a lab rat”. Naturally, Kim spent the time telling the kid about the rest of the family instead.

“They all sound fun!” he said.

“Oh, they’re real fun alright,” Kim said, feeling their ears ache from the last time they all were in a single room together. But then they saw the kid’s face. He was so excited to meet them. Not just one nice person existed, but lots of them! And he was gonna be part of that! Something about that just made Kim put the sarcasm aside for a minute. “They’re a real bunch of bananas, but they’re our bananas, me and Ben’s. Ben was always afraid of starting a family. Scared of being like his old man. But then we finally got the one, and then he kept finding more!”

The kid flickered a smile. But then it became a frown.

“Is Ben gonna be angry?”

“Nah,” Kim said, ruffling the fur on the kid’s head. “He might be surprised, but he’ll get over it.”

The sun and moon were on a date when Kim pulled into the garage.

Kim had just pulled out their phone to let Ben know they were back when a text flew in.

Snowy: Morning, darling, you’re back early.

Sparky: You’re awake? Good.

Not good at all! Abort! Abort!

Snowy: Picked up a surprise, did you? The kids’ll be jealous if you didn’t bring them anything.

Sparky: It’s a surprise for all of us.

Kim was halfway out of the truck when Ben’s next text flew in.

Snowy: How is it a surprise for all of us if you picked it?

Sparky: That’s how surprising it is. You’d call it shocking.

Snowy: I’ll meet you in the kitchen ;3

Shit, the winking cat emoji! Kim was doomed!

Kim gave the kid one last hug before setting him on their shoulders. He was so tiny! A little raccoon and a mountain lion. Spinny was his current size as a newborn.

[spinny’s a lynx]

[oh no i’m looking up lynx plushies ahhhhhh i was just looking up lynx sizes i swear]

[also have y’all seen eurasian lynxes. they are thicc fluffies]

[nothing against the spanish lynx, it’s more of a twunk fluffy]

[think i’ll end it here. but i have wednesday off, so i don’t have to wake up for anything, so i might do multiple streams that day]

❤ thank you for coming everyone ❤

we shall raid… delta_rayne!


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