Elves in Space!!! (draft)

[gonna promo the stream on twitter real quick, and then i’ll get to writing]

[alright i’m back]

[we got one more curator to fight and a bunch of cats. let’s go]

[oh a clawadin. nice.]

[i have two sandwiches from thursday that i still haven’t eaten. i should probably grab one for tonight but the problem in, i filled them a lil too much. so they might be too messy to eat on stream. i also have cookies and brownie, but i don’t want those! i want my thanksgiving leftovers sandwich!!]

[fuck it i’m grabbing them. i probably should’ve eaten before the stream but i ate plenty at work, so i figured i’d be fine. but i’m hungry again. i feel all i did at work today was eat food, and i’m still hungry. this isn’t fair! imagine me on T. it’s gonna be a nightmare.]

[okay let’s try to add to the actual story at hand XD or hell just any story.]

[i keep thinking about the theoretical fantasy version of this story too. i think i might stream that after i finish this one. i think it’d be fun to compare and contrast. i definitely wanna use these characters again.]

[one thing i had in mind when i went into this yesterday was that the ship was supposed to have its own character. i imagined it being caring and playful. but that was as far as that got cuz i forgot about it XD i might add it in later in a later draft]

[i’m so excited this is my favorite sandwich that we make at my workplace]

[another good thing about silent streaming is that it doesn’t matter if you eat on stream. it doesn’t bother anybody!]

[oh yeah i feel so much better now. don’t stream on an empty stomach, for sure ❤ ]

[Estellano’s poor ship could take one more hit, and then]

They could take one more hit, and then the asteroids would begin battering the ship itself.

Astrophel gripped the wheel tight.  He watched his surroundings and the scanners even more vigilantly.

[He had to pick a direction.]

He picked the direction that seemingly had the least debris.

The ship blared.  The shields were officially down.  Astrophel’s head was a string of “fuck! fuck! fuck!”

He tried not to panic.  But it was a really good time to panic right now.  A mountain of a space stone was hurtling right towards them.  Astrophel didn’t think they’d be able to take that even with full shields, never mind none.  Another asteroid was breaking apart, but there wasn’t enough room to snake through the gap.

[alright 40 minutes to write 300 words. i don’t know why these lower count battles are harder than high count battles on stream, but i definitely write differently on stream than off for whatever reason]

Astrophel backed away from the space mountain for as long as he could.  He kept checking the breaking asteroid.  If the ship was a little smaller, he could make it.

Or if Astrophel was a better pilot…

“Beep-beeeee!” the cleaning robot rattled on its tiny wheels.

Astrophel wiped his tears away.  He couldn’t let it down.  He’d get it, and himself, and the ship back home safely.  Asteroids be damned!

Astrophel faced the breaking asteroid.  He carefully turned the wheel and pushed the ship forward.  The tiniest slip, and they’d hit it.  Astrophel kept a snake’s grip on the wheel.  [His knuckles turned white.  His hands burned pink from the blood pressing against his skin.]  His hands burned blue from the blood pressing against his skin.

[omg i just realized i associated him with blue again. i wasn’t even thinking about that, i just wanted elf blood to be different from human blood. and i noticed my own hands pinkening, so i figured let’s use that. my knuckles don’t really turn white. like i’m already white enough to make the snow that sticks around for half the year look like tar. there ain’t much whiter i can go XD also i feel like white knuckles is a bit overused perhaps. and by that i mean i see around in my various readings. and it’s sci-fi starring non-humans, so we’re not bound by real world human biology. we can do whatever we want! and that’s fucking magical]

[where the hell is a sassi??? well, we’ll find it eventually. WE’RE GONNA HUNT YOU DOWN, CAT!!! you’re lucky we have a bunch of sandy rock things to fight first! your grass is ass, cat! and i’m a fuckin’ dandelion]

[Astrophel kept going and going.]

Astrophel moved forward inch by inch.

“Beep beep?” the cleaning robot chimed in again.

Astrophel blinked.  He looked around.  They were free of the asteroid field.  He checked the scanners.  No damage to the hull.  The shields were halfway recharged already.  They were still flying at that awkward angle he’d used to slither between the broken chunks.

When the hell did all this happen???

It freaked him out.  Was he focusing so hard on escaping that he completely missed their exit?

He righted the ship and moved onward.  Astrophel was tired.  He wanted to switch on the autopilot again, but he knew how risky that was now.  He wasn’t gonna tempt fate twice.

Lunla eventually came into view.  The pinks of its lands, the oranges of its oceans, and the greens of its clouds reminded Astrophel of his father’s favorite ice cream.

[fuck i gotta pick some colors for this planet]

Astrophel gave it some thought.  He’d been on the cusp of teenhood when he was here last.  [Stellanios, Estellano, and Astrophel were celebrating Estellano’s graduation from the Stella University of fuck what’s a major Estellano would pursue??? FUCK]

[you know what never mind. Estellano wouldn’t really do college anyway.]

[The three of them were there to celebrate Estellano’s then recent promotion to Captain of the Space Warriors.  He’d worked really hard for the position.  And he hadn’t been risking life and limb to do it!]  And he hadn’t been taking―too many―unnecessary risks to do it.  Their father had been very happy to grant him the promotion[, knowing that Estellano was no longer the hasty hothead of his youth.  He’d been worried that Estellano would never outgrow the hotheaded haste of his youth.]

[hasty hotheadedness?]

They were there for healing.  Stellanios and Estellano had been fighting for months with no end in sight.  Estellano was vying for captaincy of the space warriors.  Stellanios would repeat his refusal every time.  Astrophel had broken down from the stress [and exhaustion] of being trapped between them.

[Astrophel, practically worshiping his adult older brother, hadn’t recognized Estellano’s flaws at the time.  Listening to Estellano, he’d thought their father was a worrywart.  Listening to Stellanios, he’d thought his brother was a danger to himself and others.]

Lisening to Estellano, Astrophel thought their father worried too much.  [Estallano was clearly doing what he thought was right!]  Estellano’s record spoke for itself; he clearly deserved the promotion!

Listening to Stellanios, Astrophel thought his brother was endangering himself―and others.  [Estellano clearly had a lot to learn about being a warrior.]  Estellano’s record spoke for itself; he clearly had more to learn about being a warrior.

Astrophel exhaled.  He remembered how exhausting [and stressful] it was, falling into the gravity of whichever one of the two was closest.  How hard he’d tried negotiating for them both.  A little messenger boy, making up messages that they were old enough to compose themselves.

Astrophel grew more determined to see his star travels through.  He hoped this time away from them would solidify his own mind.  He didn’t want to crack under their competing pressures again.

The ship’s comms chirped.  Astrophel switched on the mic and speakers.

“Incoming Rapid, this is Lunla Space Warrior Captain Jetsa, they / she / he. Who are you and are you alright?” said the person on the line. “You shields have taken heavy damage.”

“Incoming Rapid here. I’m Prince Astrophel, he / they. I just went through an asteroid field, it’s fine. We’re fine now.”

“Prince Astrophel?” they asked.

“Yes,” he said.

“In a Rapid? Isn’t that more your brother’s model?” she said.

“He let me borrow it,” he said.

“Prince Astrophel, do you have copilot with you?” Captain Jetsa asked.

“No, I’m on my own,” he said. “Well, I have a cleaning robot with me.”

“Beep beep!” it chirped.

“You went through an asteroid field all on your own,” Captain Jetsa said. “In a Rapid.”

“Yes!” Astrophel was very tired and starting to become very irritated.  He could do things on his own!

“Prince Astrophel, why are you here?” they asked.

“I. am on. my star travels.”

There was a pause.  It lasted long enough that Astrophel wondered if Captain Jetsa left the line.

“Prince Astrophel,” Captain Jetsa said when he finally returned, “proceed to landing dock eight, if you would.”

“Thank you,” he said.

“You’re very welcome.  Good luck on your star travels.  Lord Aysu and Lady Auro will meet you there.”

[fuck i gotta figure out more names. goddammit i was doing so well.]

[Astrophel grew a bit anxious.]

Astrophel was surprised.  He hadn’t expected the lady and lord of Lunla themselves to greet him at the docks.  He hadn’t called ahead.  He’d expected them to send an attendant.

But now that he knew they were coming…  He was starting to think he should’ve called ahead.  At least let the other Elven nobles he was doing this.  He’d gone quickly to avoid his father, but now he felt like an intruder.  What if they’d been doing something important?

Astrophel sunk in his seat.

He landed all too quickly.

He grabbed his bag and slipped his boots and sunglasses back on.  He figured now that he was here, and possibly interrupting something, he should move quickly.  Or at least not drag it out.  But he so desperately wanted to drag it out.

Lady Auro stood a head taller than the next tallest person, a space warrior standing behind and to the side of her.  Her broad shoulders, sharp chin, and even sharper eyes demanded attention.  Astrophel stopped slouching.  He felt her eyeing him up.  For what exactly, he didn’t know.  Mischief, perhaps?  He hadn’t meant any mischief by all this.  At least not for her and her husband.

Lord Aysu stood a head shorter than Astrophel.  With a fleshed out stomach and face, he was the poster man for a dad bod.  His features were soft, like his voice.

“Prince Astrophel,” he said, stepping towards him, offering him his embrace, “you don’t need to make up a reason to escape your father and your brother’s fighting.”

“We’ll set them straight, don’t worry,” Lady Auro said, rooted to her spot, arms crossed, sounding greatly displeased.

“They’re… not!” Astrophel was flabbergasted. “I really am doing my star travels!”

“You’re not very good at lying, kid,” said the space warrior.  Astrophel recognized their voice as Captain Jetsa’s.

“I’m not!” Astrophel said quickly.  He summoned every ounce of princely presence he had.  He looked at Lady Auro and Lord Aysu. “I’m here to learn.  I want to reignite this tradition of my ancestors. of my grandmother!  I don’t want to just follow my father and brother’s lead all the time.  I might need to lead our people some day, and I want to be ready to do that.”

Lord Aysu’s brow rose to the crest of his forehead.  Lady Auro’s arms didn’t completely unfold, but they opened up a smidge.  Her stance likewise relaxed.

Lord Aysu bore into Astrophel’s eyes.  [Lord Aysu’s were a deep silver, like Lunla’s fish that burst against the current.]  [Lord Aysu’s were a deep, dark silver.  Astrophel looked right back at him]  Astrophel looked at the palace past him, determined to stick to his mission.

“Well, then!” a hearty laugh burst out of Lady Auro. “You better rest up.  You’ve got a lot of learning to do.”

Lord Aysu turned to another Elf, one dressed in shimmering robes, styled in braids.  To this Elf, he said, “Adet, will you bring him to one of the guest rooms?  Preferably one in the family wing.”

“Of course, milord,” Adet bowed, their braids sweeping down with them.  To Astrophel, they said kindly, “Come with me, my prince.”

The cleaning robot, [the author and] Astrophel had forgotten all about it.  Although now that it was tripping him up again, Astrophel figured it was only natural that it came along with him.

Adet chuckled amicably, “Is it new to you?”

“I mean,” Astrophel said, “I guess.  It followed me into the ship, and it wouldn’t leave!”

“Beep! Beep!” it said.

[okay so pro tip everybody, ctrl R is not the replace function in a browser. it just reloads your tab XD ]

[nah we’re keeping Aysu. change chrysos. and not just because i keep spelling it wrong XD ]

[i think after this we should be done. oh wow it’s almost eleven. yeah we’re definitely gonna be done after this. turn off autobattle that’s always important XD ]

[alright let’s go. i don’t need to keep anything, i just gotta fuckin’ write]

[ugh 300 more words. oh no. pffffffffft]

[ooh but we’ve written about 2000 words on stream 😀 HFEproductions: we do things eventually]

[okay i’ll read that later]

[alright final stretch, let’s go]

Adet brought him to a room with a view of the waterfalls.  A truncated trio of rivers that nourished the valley below.  [Astrophel tried not to look too far down.]  Astrophel stepped away from the edge of the balcony, trying to avoid looking too far down.

“If you need anything, let me or any of the other attendants know,” Adet did a quick bow before departing.

The cleaning robot rolled around the room, seemingly happy to be cleaning solid ground.  Its wheels squeaked mightily.

Astrophel [took out his tablet and] made a note to ask for oil in the morning.

Astrophel pulled up [definitely not discord. apparently they almost called it wyvern. the load screen that says that also says they’re not proud of that one 😡 wyvern is a lovely name! not for discord, but it’s a lovely name! assholes]

Astrophel pulled up Wyvern.  He scrolled through his favorite servers and saved some memes.  He pointedly ignored the red flares from his father.  Ten missed calls and over triple that many missed messages.  He thought about texting his brother, but he supposed that wouldn’t be in keeping with his goal of fostering his own independence.

And in what would be a great hassle later on, but one he accepted due to the nature of what he was doing here, he logged out of Wyvern.

[aaaaand we’re done! thanks for coming out, everybody ❤ let’s find someone to raid!!]

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