Queer Streamer Shout Outs #2

Come learn about some cool queer streamers!

The original form of this article appeared in Queersletter Issue #4.

First up is the fantastic Miktastic (they/ze)! Ze is a Black ace gaming streamer who provides a fun, chill atmosphere. I highly recommend them for people who have low audio sensory thresholds. I originally caught one of zir Mario Sunshine streams; although they’re currently streaming Dead by Daylight to raise money for St. Jude! Miktastic also makes colorful kiln art! Mik has also done an interview for the site that you can read here.

Next up is Stellecraft (she/they)! Stelle’s a good, old friend of mine who streams Minecraft, The Witcher 3, and other games. Nursing school kept her super busy, but since they’re done with it for now, they should be able to stream more often in the coming weeks. They’ve yet to hit affiliate, so I would greatly appreciate y’all helping her out with that.

I’d also like to shout out FloppyDiskMaster (they/them): another queer gaming streamer who’s yet to hit affiliate. They’re a trans person whose streams have kickstarted a new chapter of their life, so they need as much support as possible! They’re Flopy (with one P) DiskMaster on twitter.

Last but not least, ProtoGilly (he/it). Gilly did a weekend marathon of horrible games to raise money for a then imminently homeless trans person. It and its team ended up raising $1000. This person has secure housing now! You can read his write up of that fundraiser here. Since the article’s Queersletter incarnation, Gilly has done an interview for the site as well as raised money for my new streaming equipment with several volunteers. Below is the list of those volunteers:

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