Some Bullshit About a Huntsman (draft)

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*description of a thick ass forest*

*shiver and shadow are doing shit when some loud fucking dogs start barking up a storm. they’re hunting dogs, and our heroes are their current prey. shiver bolts the fuck outta there with sky magic, recalling shadow to keep them close. eventually they get caught in a net*

*panic rises as the dogs close in, snapping and jumping up at them like piranhas*

*enter the huntsman*

i recommend watching this on x2 speed. the words don’t always go nyoom, plus i’m always fiddling around with shit.

“This is no fox, my dears,” said an older figure as he swung off his stag, landing on the ground with a jingle. He was antlered and lean like a deer. On his antlers were tinsel and berries and silvery bits.

[see now i just wanna look at deer pics]


[i like too many animals send help]

[oh god, looking up deer was a mistake. they’re adorable]


[oh no. i looked up baby deer. THAT WAS ALSO A MISTAKE]

[fuck what do nobles dress like??? robes and shit. and leather boots. and he’s on a hunt]

[medieval hunting attire… alright tunics and shit]

[the net also prevents magic, or at least elemental magic]

Clothing him was a dark, blue-green tunic and leggings, evoking the colors of the snow-laden trees around them. Finishing him off were fine leather boots, gloves, and belt; all black.

The hounds settled, but the anticipation in their bodies signaled that they were more than ready should their master need them. Some of them flicked their tails eagerly.

The huntsman reached out towards the net. His deer ears flickered. Shiver, thus far frozen in fear, scrambled once again in a desperate bid for freedom. The huntsman withdrew his hand.

[what sort of neopronouns can i make inspired by deer???]

[we’ll stick with he/him for now]

He did not move again until Shiver stilled. By then, Shiver was exhausted, the magic power fae’d used catching up on faer body.

The huntsman slung the next over his back like it was a bag and remounted his stag.

“{Where’s he taking us?}” Shadow asked via telepathy.

“{I don’t know!}” Shiver snapped, afraid rather than angry.


Shiver bolted up, gaze darting all around the room. There was a bookshelf with three shelves of colorful books, dark pastels. There was a treasure chest and an armchair next to it. On the other side of the room was a dresser and one of those mirror desk things.

[i know they’re called vanities but i don’t think shiver would know]

[we can always add stuff to the room later]

[i think it’s carpeted]

Fae was on a massive, spongy bed that swallowed faer up. Fae felt like a kitten hidden in the grass. Or maybe a fawn?

Shiver aborted manifesting Shadow when the doorknob began to rattle. Fae wanted to hide. There was nothing to do except wait, dread piling up in faer throat.


[remember to stay hydrated and rested, everybody ❤ ]

The huntsman entered, humming a languid tune and carrying a breakfast tray. He was wearing deep blue robes and slippers. There also weren’t quite so many antler accessories, although there were still a few bits and bobs here and there.

“Good morning, little fawn,” he said. “I was hoping you’d be awake. Surely, you’re hungry?”

“Who are you!?” Shiver said, despite the wave of hunger that had suddenly washed over faer, plus the resulting jitters.

“Who am I?” the huntsman said, placing the tray on the bed in front of Shiver. “I am the Woodland Lord, of course, Lord Allvitu. Now tell me, what is your name?”

[oh fuck i gotta come up with a name]

Shiver narrowed faer eyes.

“{He doesn’t seem like the sort of person we should reveal our real name to,}” Shadow said.

“Aralas,” Shiver said.

[“Aralas?” Allvitu chuckled. “You certainly do have a princely air about you, although you’re quite far from your kingdom, little one.”]

“Aralas?” Allvitu chuckled. “You’re quite far from your kingdom, little prince.”

“I was taking a hike,” Shiver said, closing faer eyes and folding faer arms. When fae opened them again, fae was unnerved to find an amused look on Allvitu.

“Very well, keep your secrets, although I’m sure your true name is lovely,” he said. “But for now, eat. You need to recover from all that wind you called upon yesterday.”

[“(No thanks to your dogs,)” Shiver internally grumbled. Fae figured it was best to keep that inside.]

“{How do you suppose he knows Aralos?}” Shadow asked.

“{I mean, he is a prince, and this guy’s a lord, so they probably do know each other,}” Shiver figured as fae bit into a biscuit.

The food filled and warmed Shiver right up. The biscuits were honeyed and buttery, the strawberries were sweet and juicy, and the water was crisp and metal-free.

[and now we have hit the time where i have no focus XD


“As you know, Prince Aralas,” Allvitu smiled, “any who enter without my permission are fair game.”

“{We don’t like the sound of that,}” Shadow was quick to say.

“And as I have caught you fairly, you are to remain with me for no less than a week following your capture.”

“What!?” Shiver squawked.

“You may, of course, earn your freedom by remaining here for a full year following your first capture, or by exiting the forest during a hunt; whichever comes first,” Allvitu continued as if Shiver hadn’t interjected, although his smile had grown undeniably wider. “I suppose we could send for your mother, if you must leave sooner. I’m sure we’ll be able to come an arrangement.”

“No!” Shiver said. The last thing fae wanted was to get the real Aralas involved. This whole situation was embarrassing. This was not how Shiver was reuniting with him. He would never let faer live it down!

“Very well then,” Allvitu said, apparently unbothered by the ferocity of Shiver’s answers. “The law of my land shall prevail, unaltered. Should homesickness hold you more strongly than pride, you may ask to renegotiate at any time.”

Shiver’s lips pursed into a thin line. Not in a thousand years would fae ache for Tiny Tree Town of all places!

“These chambers are yours,” Allvitu said. “If you need or want anything at all, ring this bell, and a hound or I will fetch it.”

[“{Thank you!}” Shadow said.

“{He can’t hear you, goofball,}” Shiver said.

“{Well, you should say thank you then,}” said Shadow.]

Shiver refused to say thank you.

“Do get some rest, little prince,” Allvitu said before parting. “You seem tired.”

“Gee, I wonder why?” Shiver grumbled.

[shiver is very combative here. this is not how i wanted it to go. which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but i wanted this to go in a specific direction that might be difficult to rerail from here. Hmm…]

“He’s treating you just like your parents did, he’s just calling you by your name and gendering you correctly,” Shadow said.

“So what if he is!?” Shiver said. “I never got to be a boy back then! That’s all I wanted! To be their son!” Tears welled in faer eyes. “I just wanna be someone’s good boy…”

Shadow sat still when the door opened.

“Aralas?” Allvitu stepped in. “Who are you talking to?” His tone grew worried. “Why are you crying, little one???”

Shiver burrowed right into Allvitu’s arms, abandoning Shadow on the bed. Fae sniffled and hiccuped, bottling it all up, as usual. Allvitu took them to the chair, and simply held faer.

“{My friend and I were arguing,}” Shiver finally said, still fragile enough to cry at any moment.

Allvitu eyed Shadow and held Shiver closer.

“That doesn’t sound like a kind friend, making you so upset,” Allvitu hummed gravely.

Shiver sat up, ruffled at the accusation. Shadow of Chaos was a very good friend! Faer best friend, in fact. Even the real Aralas didn’t come close!

“Sometimes…” Shiver said. “…Sometimes, being a good friend means upsetting your friends, especially when they’re not listening.”

[floppy raccoon ^-^ ]

[flop flop flop]

alrighty i’m going to end this here. i’m tired.

we shall raid… delta_rayne!

thank you for coming, everyone ❤


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