Angel Boyfriend Concepts #1

Prompts for writing and drawing angel boyfriends!

Featuring fallen angels, guardian angels, musical angels and more!

  1. Boyfriend A is Boyfriend B’s guardian angel.
  2. angel boyfriend who fell from Heaven, and demon boyfriend who’s been banished from Hell.
  3. angel boyfriend and serpent boyfriend.
  4. fallen angel boyfriend and lawful good angel boyfriend.
  5. angel boyfriend who impresses their boyfriend with their trumpet-playing skills.
  6. angel boyfriends grooming each others’ wings.
  7. angel boyfriends wielding flaming swords together.
  8. angel boyfriends singing together.
  9. angel boyfriend polycule that’s large enough to form a choir.
  10. Black angel boyfriends singing gospel songs together.
  11. archangel boyfriends rebuilding their lives together after they’re banished from Heaven.
  12. messenger angel boyfriend who’s the boyfriend of Mercury.
  13. angel boyfriends learning how to fly together.
  14. golden-winged angel boyfriend, black-winged angel boyfriend, red-winged angel boyfriend, and white-winged angel boyfriend.
  15. Angel Boyfriend A wearing Heavenly raiments while Angel Boyfriend B likes wearing Earthly clothes.

My friend Angel and I recently reconnected, so I’m celebrating by taking her name very literally. Angel Girlfriend Prompts have also been released.

Let me know if you use any of these prompts! I’d love to see what you make with them! Link your projects below!


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