Boyfriend Concepts #8

  1. magician boyfriends.
  2. magician boyfriend and scientist boyfriend.
  3. scientist boyfriends.
  4. magician boyfriend, sorcerer boyfriend, wizard boyfriend, and bard boyfriend.
  5. dragon boyfriend and demon boyfriend.
  6. dragon boyfriend and angel boyfriend.
  7. steampunk boyfriend and cyberpunk boyfriend.
  8. scarf boyfriend and belt boyfriend.
  9. boyfriends feeding each other sushi.
  10. boyfriend who has an ever-evolving relationship to gender, and boyfriend who goes the extra mile to support them.
  11. detective boyfriend and journalist boyfriend.
  12. boyfriends who dress like 1960s housewives.
  13. boyfriends in a Smash Bros tournament together.
  14. boyfriends who met at their own tombstones.
  15. boyfriend who is trapped in a statue until their boyfriends break their curse.

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