Kickass Character Concepts #5

Another round of my favorite kickass character concepts!

  1. A kickass gnoll copywriter waving the asexual flag.
  2. A kickass werebee musician waving the lunian flag.
  3. A kickass drow ambassador waving the genderfae flag.
  4. A kickass elf berserker waving the polysexual flag.
  5. A kickass fae plague doctor waving the daunic flag.
  6. A kickass chimera lawyer waving the panromantic flag.
  7. A kickass werehyena cleric waving the stellian flag.
  8. A kickass owlfolk teacher waving the sistergirl flag.
  9. A kickass troll psychologist waving the solian flag.
  10. A kickass goblin beta reader waving the neurogender flag.
  11. A kickass encantado bookbinder waving the pangender flag.
  12. A kickass baku folklorist waving the achillean flag.
  13. A kickass batfolk cartoonist waving the transgender flag.
  14. A kickass tengu tailor waving the aporagender flag.
  15. A kickass weretiger sociologist waving the progress flag.
  16. A kickass vampire merchant waving the genderflux flag.
  17. A kickass siren fashion designer waving the trans femme flag.
  18. A kickass kappa gunslinger waving the autigender flag.
  19. A kickass raiju bartender waving the genderqueer flag.
  20. A kickass isonade astrophysicist waving the trigender flag.

Kickass Bot is on twitter @BotKickass!

Links to the first, second, third, and fourth rounds of kickass characters.


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