Kickass Character Concepts #2

Another round of my favorite kickass character concepts!

  1. A kickass dragon sorcerer waving the trans femme flag.
  2. A kickass ogre spy waving the demiromantic flag.
  3. A kickass dragon necromancer waving the sappho flag.
  4. A kickass elf ghost writer waving the rainbow flag.
  5. A kickass siren fisher waving the autigender flag.
  6. A kickass kraken construction worker waving the neurogender flag.
  7. A kickass wyvern actor waving the hijra flag.
  8. A kickass owlfolk knight waving the omnisexual flag.
  9. A kickass sphinx gaming streamer waving the bigender flag.
  10. A kickass wolpertinger meteorologist waving the aromantic flag.
  11. A kickass merfolk duelist waving the genderfaun flag.
  12. A kickass phoenix steel worker waving the progress flag.
  13. A kickass orc TTRPG writer waving the pangender flag.
  14. A kickass gorgon science communicator waving the pendogender flag.
  15. A kickass gumiho social media analyst waving the demifluid flag.
  16. A kickass mothfolk priest waving the demiboy flag.
  17. A kickass alien groundskeeper waving the intersex flag.
  18. A kickass homunculus butler waving the asexual flag.
  19. A kickass hobgoblin ruler waving the lesbian flag.
  20. A kickass minotaur embroiderer waving the leather pride flag.

Kickass Bot is on twitter @BotKickass!

You can view the first round of kickass characters here.


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