Boyfriend Concepts #7

  1. boyfriends at their fairytale-themed wedding.
  2. walrus boyfriends.
  3. wooden boyfriend and clay boyfriend.
  4. boyfriends solving the mystery of the missing violin together.
  5. boyfriends unionizing together.
  6. boyfriends protesting bad-faith speakers at their university together.
  7. boyfriends moving as a unit.
  8. boyfriends buying a new table together.
  9. boyfriends at a picnic table.
  10. boyfriends drinking tea together.
  11. teacher boyfriends.
  12. professor boyfriends.
  13. philosophy boyfriends.
  14. software boyfriend and hardware boyfriend.
  15. boyfriend who draws the foreground, boyfriend who draws the midground, and boyfriend who draws the background.

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