Kickass Character Concepts #1

Last year in August, I made a bot in Tracery that produces queer character concepts. I’m not a programmer at all, so I was really proud of myself for accomplishing a programming-related task. And now that my world domination has expanded to wordpress, I figured I’d share some of my favorite results here!

  1. A kickass dragon background artist waving the biromantic flag.
  2. A kickass dinosaur plague doctor waving the trans masc flag.
  3. A kickass werehyena photographer waving the lesbian flag.
  4. A kickass antfolk journalist waving the achillean flag.
  5. A kickass weretiger waiter waving the victory over AIDS flag.
  6. A kickass zombie reviewer waving the demisexual flag.
  7. A kickass kelpie twitch streamer waving the progress flag.
  8. A kickass tiefling chef waving the asexual flag.
  9. A kickass giant beta reader waving the trans flag.
  10. A kickass lizardfolk TTRPG writer waving the neurogender flag.
  11. A kickass duergar babysitter waving the polyromantic flag.
  12. A kickass satyr youtuber waving the two-spirit flag.
  13. A kickass oni television presenter waving the trans femme flag.
  14. A kickass mothfolk mangaka waving the arospec flag.
  15. A kickass gumiho animator waving the polyaffectionate flag.
  16. A kickass ratfolk conductor waving the aromantic flag.
  17. A kickass drop bear cashier waving the trans femme flag.
  18. A kickass halfling veterinarian waving the sappho flag.
  19. A kickass sprite scientist waving the grayromantic flag.
  20. A kickass fae activist waving the neutrois flag.

Kickass Bot is on twitter @BotKickass!


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