Interview with Ben

Ben (he/him) is a queer comedian. I asked him about himself and his content, as well as content he’s been enjoying recently. You can check out Ben at the links at the end of the interview.

  1. What queer terminology do you use for yourself publicly? Do not feel pressured to come out as anything in your answer. Please only disclose whatever you’re comfortable with.
    • Gay cis male!
  2. What non-queer demographic terminology do you use for yourself? Again, please only disclose whatever you’re comfortable with.
    • White guy.
  3. What projects are you involved in? This can be any type of content you’d like to promote.
    • I have found myself in a ton of projects again. I can sometimes katamari myself into a lot.
      • I cowrite a comic named Phil (@haveyourphil).
      • I have a podcast about the 90s tv show Babylon 5 (@lastbestb5).
      • I stream point and click adventure games and whatever catches my fancy.
      • And now that things (knocks furiously on wood) seem to be heading in the right direction where I live wrt the pandemic, I’m remounting a play I cowrote years ago.
  4. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not creating content?
    • I love cooking.
    • Watching movies (especially if I can see them in a theater).
    • In the Before Times, I was also a competitive pinball player. I burnt out on the competition angle, but I still adore real pinball machines and playing with folks. For all of our computer pinball remakes, it’s something that can never accurately be recreated other than in person, and in person it feels (even with whatever bells and whistles) like a truly tactile play experience, which is a lot of fun.
  5. What does the queer community needs to do better about understanding, accepting, and supporting?
    • That’s a difficult question, but I think a major thing that the community can do is really start to build bridges between generations. We all had very different versions of similar struggles and I think there’s folx who can unwittingly minimize the other’s struggle.
  6. What are you excited about going forward? Can be anything from creative projects, personal or professional milestones, etc.
    • I’m excited to get back into playing pinball again. It’s something that I truly love, and I’ve been jonesing hard while staying in my little apartment for the past year and change.
  7. Are there any pets or plants in your life?
    • I’ve got a one year old cat named Kira, after my favorite Star Trek character. He is, as the vet said, a rascal, that likes getting into all sorts of trouble.
  8. What content / content creators have you been enjoying recently? This could be anything from books, to podcasts, to tutorial videos, etc. Anything you want other people to know about.
    • There’s such a nice little corner of supportive weird old DOS/adventure game twitch streamers that I’ve fallen in with over the past year whom I enjoy watching very much. People like FarrelltheFeral, BogusMeatFactory, DecafJedi, and many others.
  9. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
    • My inability to stay put that keeps me katamari-ing all these wild projects.

Ben can be found at his personal twitter @bvigeant, his podcast twitter @lastbestb5, and his comic twitter @Haveyourphil.

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