Interview with BrieConnaissance

Brie (she/her) is a queer D&D streamer. She recently helped fundraise for my new streaming computer! I asked her about herself and her content, as well as content she’s been enjoying recently. You can check out Brie at the links at the end of the interview.

  1. What queer terminology do you use for yourself publicly? Do not feel pressured to come out as anything in your answer. Please only disclose whatever you’re comfortable with.
    • So this question feels really good to answer. I only really came out about 8 months ago, I use Queer as a blanket term but more specifically I am trans and bisexual.
  2. What non-queer demographic terminology do you use for yourself? Again, please only disclose whatever you’re comfortable with.
    • Really other than my queer identity I am just white and southern.
  3. What projects are you involved in?
    • Right now I host a Dungeons and Dragons live play game that we affectionately call the Totally Not Cursed D&D Party every Saturday.
    • Every other Wednesday, I host a discussion with my co-host Maddi (@kartoonkween) where we bring on a guest and discuss roleplay and queerness.
  4. What non-creative hobbies do you enjoy?
    • I play Warhammer 40k, I read, and I enjoy gaming.
  5. What does the queer community needs to do better about understanding, accepting, and supporting?
    • This is a big question. I would love to see a community that supports each other on a wider scale. There is a lot of divisiveness in the community over labels and identities and this division only makes it easier for the people outside the community to hurt us.
  6. What are you excited about going forward? Can be anything from creative projects, personal or professional milestones, etc.
    • I graduate from college soon so that’s cool.
    • I’m also planning on moving away from Texas next year which is exciting.
  7. Are there any pets or plants in your life?
    • I have a little alone plant that sits on my shelf. Their name is Makari, named for a 40k grot that won’t stay dead.
  8. What content / content creators have you been enjoying recently?
    • I watch everyone in my D&D game when they stream as well as Chaos_Crypt, Zaytri, GaebPride, and I watch a lot of Dimension20.
  9. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
    • I guess being trans? The fact that I not only made it long enough to do this but I also get to be me is amazing.

Brie can be found at her twitter and twitch.


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