Juneteenth and Non-Black Queer Fragility

It is Juneteenth, and as I escape my all white family grumbling about the newly nationalized holiday and “how many laws we’ve passed to help them”, I find that it’s not any better online. Threads that are uplifting Black people and Black creators have already received push back from non-Black people with anti-Blackness on their mind and hate in their hearts.

I wrote a couple threads of my own reminding non-Black queers that we need to do better by the Black community, and by our Black queer members. They are also responding to non-Black queers one of my friends saw complaining that Juneteenth was cancelling pride. Here they are, reposted for archival purposes.


To whichever non-Black queers need to hear this.

Halloween doesn’t take anything away from breast cancer awareness month.

My birthday doesn’t take anything away from Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Juneteenth takes nothing away from Pride.


Trust my autistic queer ass, you can be loud and proud any damn month of the year.

If you learned anything about how Black people were brutalized under chattel slavery, you’d honor Juneteenth too.

Juneteenth takes nothing away from Pride!!!

Fucking grow up for Black queers.

Now, the good news is, the “Juneteenth is cancelling Pride” absurdity doesn’t seem to be floating around this year. The aforementioned friend speculates that it was likely 4chan trolling.

However, there is always tons of anti-Blackness going around, so uplift and support Black people as much as you can. Be excited about Black projects, donate to Black funding needs, follow Black socials, seek out Black businesses!

Understand that we all have anti-Blackness to unlearn, and do better.


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