Queer Streamer Shout Outs #1

(This post originally appeared several months ago in Queersletter Issue #1. It has been reposted here for archival purposes and to update pronouns.)

Trans Tiltify is still streaming for the Texas branch of the American Red Cross. This pandemic is already straining medical and hospital staff, and these recent blizzards and blackouts have only made it worse.

So if you’re looking for some cool trans, nonbinary, and trans nonbinary (and werewolf and protogen) twitch streamers to check out and a way to help out Texans, you can do both!

Various members of the group will be streaming all throughout the week. They’re all amazing people, and I’m so happy to see them working their asses off for an equally amazing cause.

Another cool trans nonbinary streamer you should check out is Mx Ezri Robyn (she/fae/ast). I caught faer SoulSilver stream the other day, and it was tons of fun! Ast burned a snorlax, slaughtered some digletts, collected care packages, visited the museum, and made a bunch of youngsters cry!

You can find her on twitter and twitch.

You can also watch and share a clip of faer stream here.

I’m also shouting out a trans nonbinary streamer with Tourette’s: Delta V Rain (she/her)! I watched her kick ass in the Halo 2 remake!

Her twitch.

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