BLERFs Can Fuck Right Off

My lesbian art is for *all* lesbians, including but not limited to:

  • trans lesbians (including trans masc lesbians)
  • nonbinary lesbians
  • trans nonbinary lesbians
  • black lesbians
  • brown lesbians
  • mixed lesbians
  • indigenous lesbians
  • disabled lesbians
  • neurodivergent lesbians
  • aromantic lesbians
  • asexual lesbians
  • mspec lesbians
  • multigender lesbians
  • he/they/it lesbians
  • neopronouns lesbians
  • plural lesbians
  • immigrant lesbians
  • studs
  • butches
  • femmes
  • fishes

BLERFs and other exclusionists will be blocked immediately.lesbian is an umbrella term, stay angry about it, losers 🖕

This post originally appeared in Queersletter Issue #1.

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