Aroace Concepts #2

  1. aroaces saying a collective “fuck” to destress.
  2. aroaces eating cupcakes they made together.
  3. chef aroace and aroace who burns water.
  4. aroace waiting for coffee to brew and aroace who’s been up for hours.
  5. aroace marker, aroace pencil, aroace pen, and aroace eraser.
  6. aroace marching at pride together.
  7. aroaces on etsy.
  8. aroace kittens.
  9. aroace selling stuffies and aroace who collects stuffies.
  10. aroace helping another aroace inject their HRT.
  11. aroace hydrating thanks to a reminder from another aroace.
  12. aroaces drinking tea together.
  13. butch aroace and femme aroace.
  14. aroaces excited for the latest episode of their favorite show.
  15. aroaces crossing their fingers.

These concepts originally appeared in Queersletter Issue #1.

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