Boyfriend Concepts #3

  1. boyfriends playing jazz together.
  2. rock boyfriend and air boyfriend.
  3. pants boyfriend, skirt boyfriend, and shorts boyfriend.
  4. boyfriends growing old together.
  5. boyfriends who’ve known each other since childhood.
  6. boyfriend who collects keychains and boyfriend who brings them more keychains.
  7. boyfriend who is euphoric on T and boyfriend who does not desire to medically transition.
  8. boyfriends supporting their boyfriend post-op.
  9. boyfriends who give each other gifts each day leading up to Valentine’s day.
  10. boyfriends who are too tired to do much for Christmas.
  11. boyfriends who are hosting a combined birthday party.
  12. boyfriends who game together.
  13. boyfriends who stream together.
  14. werewolf boyfriend and mermaid boyfriend.
  15. pirate boyfriend and vampire boyfriend.

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