Boyfriend Concepts #2

  • boyfriends throwing hands at people who bully converts.
  • boyfriend who swears a lot and boyfriend who rarely swears.
  • boyfriends helping to moderate this week’s parsha chat.
  • boyfriends who forgot to buy candles for chanukah so they grabbed birthday candles really quickly at the supermarket the day of night one.
  • woodland goth boyfriend and pastel goth boyfriend.
  • boyfriend shaking his head at his boyfriend’s shenanigans.
  • cowboy boyfriends.
  • angel boyfriend and demon boyfriend.
  • autistic boyfriends.
  • bandicoot boyfriend and dragon boyfriend.
  • prince boyfriend and knight boyfriend.
  • goth boyfriends.
  • she/they/it boyfriend and neopronouns boyfriend.
  • mermaid boyfriend and alien boyfriend.
  • waiter boyfriend and line cook boyfriend.
  • turtle boyfriend and tortoise boyfriend.
  • boyfriends kissing for the first time.
  • boyfriends kissing for the last time.
  • boyfriends kissing on the cover.
  • boyfriends kissing in a gallery.
  • boyfriends kissing at a picnic.
  • boyfriends kissing at the prom.
  • boyfriends dancing at the winter ball.
  • ballet boyfriend and tap-dancing boyfriend.
  • dungeon-crawling boyfriends.
  • soccer boyfriend and football boyfriend.
  • cheerleader boyfriends.
  • boyfriends running to catch their train.
  • basketball boyfriends.
  • ice hockey boyfriend and street hockey boyfriend.
  • boyfriends singing together.
  • boyfriends who advocate for trans rights.
  • rabbi boyfriends.
  • boyfriends who fell in love studying the Quran together.
  • ghost boyfriend and zombie boyfriend.

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