Boyfriend Concepts #1

this week, i started posting boyfriend concepts on my twitter, so i thought it might be nice to have them all in one place ^-^ enjoy! feel free to use them as ideas for art, stories, etc. credit is appreciated but not necessary.

  1. tablet boyfriend and computer boyfriend.
  2. boyfriends who campaign for children’s rights.
  3. surfing boyfriend and skateboarding boyfriend.
  4. lava boyfriend and shark boyfriend.
  5. boyfriends who kiss on a bridge, under moonlight.
  6. thunder boyfriend and lightning boyfriend.
  7. fallout boyfriend and skyrim boyfriend.
  8. fairy boyfriend and sprite boyfriend.
  9. earth boyfriend and sky boyfriend.
  10. gecko boyfriends.
  11. juice boyfriend and soda boyfriend.
  12. solarpunk boyfriends.
  13. fiction boyfriend, nonfiction boyfriend, and poetry boyfriend.
  14. novel boyfriend, novella boyfriend, and novelette boyfriend.
  15. manga boyfriend and comic boyfriend.
  16. boyfriends reading to each other at night.
  17. boyfriends spooning under a weighted blanket.
  18. boyfriends who tuck each other in at night.
  19. sword boyfriend and sorcery boyfriend.
  20. STEM boyfriend and humanities boyfriend.
  21. boyfriend who drinks coffee and boyfriend who drinks tea and boyfriend who drinks hot chocolate.
  22. sun boyfriend and moon boyfriend.
  23. cat boyfriend and dog boyfriend.
  24. boyfriend who’s a Pokémon trainer and boyfriend who’s a Digimon tamer and boyfriend who’s a Monster hunter.
  25. vampire boyfriend and werewolf boyfriend.
  26. trans boyfriend, nonbinary boyfriend, and trans nonbinary boyfriend.
  27. boyfriend who is a snowman and boyfriend who is a living flame.
  28. dragon boyfriend and dinosaur boyfriend.
  29. panda boyfriend and red panda boyfriend.
  30. koala boyfriend, kangaroo boyfriend, crocodile boyfriend, and dingo boyfriend.
  31. boyfriend from outer space and boyfriend from the ocean.
  32. centipede boyfriend and millipede boyfriend.
  33. dolphin boyfriend, shark boyfriend, and orca boyfriend.
  34. moth boyfriend and butterfly boyfriend.
  35. geology boyfriend and astronomy boyfriend.
  36. physical book boyfriend, ebook boyfriend, and audiobook boyfriend.
  37. writer boyfriend and artist boyfriend.
  38. orc boyfriend, goblin boyfriend, and troll boyfriend.
  39. feathery wings angel boyfriend and biblically accurate angel boyfriend.
  40. goat boyfriend, sheep boyfriend, and ram boyfriend.
  41. twitch streamer boyfriend and youtuber boyfriend.
  42. gardener boyfriend and farmer boyfriend.
  43. silent film star boyfriend and talkie film star boyfriend.
  44. steam curator boyfriend and let’s player boyfriend.
  45. star wars boyfriend, star trek boyfriend, and star blazers boyfriend.
  46. mythology boyfriend and historian boyfriend.
  47. longbow boyfriend and crossbow boyfriend.
  48. glitter boyfriend and sand boyfriend.
  49. hairstylist boyfriend and makeup artist boyfriend.
  50. mouse boyfriend, rat boyfriend, and hamster boyfriend.
  51. jungle boyfriend and forest boyfriend.
  52. deciduous boyfriend and coniferous boyfriend.
  53. horned boyfriend and antlered boyfriend.
  54. mythological figure boyfriend and mythology nerd boyfriend.
  55. pirate boyfriend, mermaid boyfriend, and kraken boyfriend.
  56. maid boyfriend and butler boyfriend.
  57. closeted boyfriend and out boyfriend.
  58. doctor boyfriend and mechanic boyfriend.
  59. twitter boyfriend, tiktok boyfriend, and instagram boyfriend.
  60. boyfriend from canada and boyfriend who’s actually from canada.
  61. horse boyfriend, unicorn boyfriend, and pegasus boyfriend.
  62. agender boyfriend and genderfluid boyfriend.
  63. femme boyfriend and masc boyfriend.
  64. chef boyfriend, baker boyfriend, and barbecue boyfriend.
  65. accountant boyfriend and banker boyfriend.
  66. early boyfriend and late boyfriend.
  67. fancy boyfriend and casual boyfriend.
  68. cyberpunk boyfriends.
  69. ice boyfriend and ice cream boyfriend.
  70. yogurt boyfriend and pudding boyfriend.
  71. cupcake boyfriend and muffin boyfriend.
  72. small town boyfriend and world traveler boyfriend.
  73. laptop boyfriend and netbook boyfriend.
  74. carpenter boyfriend and metalworker boyfriend.
  75. engineer boyfriend and architect boyfriend.
  76. raven boyfriend and crow boyfriend.
  77. rose boyfriend and daisy boyfriend.
  78. lion boyfriend and dandelion boyfriend.
  79. hyena boyfriend and lion boyfriend.
  80. bee boyfriend and hornet boyfriend.
  81. long hair boyfriend, medium hair boyfriend, short hair boyfriend, and no hair boyfriend.
  82. red fox boyfriend and arctic fox boyfriend.

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